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Work in Barcelona! Job Fair 4th of October

Barcelona Expat Life hosted the 2nd edition of the Work in Barcelona! Job Fair. 


At this event people, living in Barcelona, had the chance to speak with multiple recruiters from all kinds of companies and had the chance to hand out their CV with a possibility to find their new job!


Work in Barcelona! Job Fair

On the 4th of October Barcelona Expat Life hosted the 2nd successful job fair that took place at the Eroica caffé in Barcelona from 10:30 – 14:30. The aim of this event was to attract expats or other residents of Barcelona, who were looking for a multilingual job in Barcelona. This job fair consisted of 15 exhibitors: start-ups, multinationals, and recruitment agencies. There were 1.200+ registrations with 500+ participants with a 20-40 primary age group. The attendees had the chance to buy a ticket through Eventbrite.

Attendees could find information about available vacancies and had the possibility to hand out their cv to one of the 50+ recruiters. Recruiters from a variety of sectors like IT, Sales and Marketing were at the Job Fair to promote their vacancies.

What is the Work in Barcelona! Job Fair?

This initiative consisted of a day full of exchanging people’s work background in the form of a CV, with teams of recruiters from the companies which are lined up above. Whether you were an expat looking for a multilingual job, or a local wanting to find a new job, during this job fair you had the chance to apply for multiple job opportunities.


Before, during and after the Job Fair, Barcelona Expat Life provided video’s, articles, and social media posts to provide information about what is happening at the job fair and which exhibitors would attend. The total reach Barcelona Expat Life generated with the promotion on all the social media platforms was an engagement of 350.000+.

Work in Barcelona! Job fair for companies hiring In Barcelona

For companies hiring in Barcelona this was a great opportunity to participate the Work in Barcelona! Job Fair, to attract multilinguals already living in Barcelona or wanting to relocate with languages like Dutch, German, French etc.

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Are there more events hosted by Barcelona Expat Life?

The work in Barcelona! Job Fair does not stop after October 4th. We will continue to promote the companies among the expat community already living in Barcelona, and people planning on relocating to Barcelona.


Barcelona Expat Life is planning on doing more events, and another Job Fair. Below you can find an overview of the upcoming events, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or discuss possibilities to collaborate.

sign up for the next job fair?

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We aim to provide advice to expats on life in Barcelona, at every stage of their expat journey. Here at Barcelona Expat Life, we have created an online community that people can rely on where we can offer guidance and useful information to help expats settle into their new life. Barcelona Expat life can offer you:


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