Working Women Week Barcelona 2021: Get involved and boost your career!

The first edition of the Working Women Week has arrived! Brought to you by Barcelona Expat Life, Barcelona Metropolitan, Planet Venus and Professional Women’s Network Barcelona, the event will be held from the 14th to the 18th of June and will consist of a series of hybrid (online and offline) events, workshops, exhibitions and round tables carried out by experts in their fields.


WWW has a variety of organisations participating throughout the week. All of which will be on hand to offer support and disseminate knowledge in a variety of topics within the fields of diversity, gender balanced leadership and female empowerment.


Don’t miss the chance to connect with other working women from a diverse range of industries and seniority levels, create empowering synergies and benefit from different resources provided by selected leading organisations, companies or individuals.


For women keen on advancing their careers and building their network, this is the perfect event to boost female entrepreneurship in Barcelona. We realise that business networking is the best way to enrich both your work and social life, so make sure you sign up to the seminars and workshops being hosted throughout June to find out some amazing tips!


We strongly believe that knowledge is power and that by taking advantage of the benefits of the WWW, you can take your career to the next level.

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