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Vintage shopping in Barcelona

Maud Anna van Gorkom

Check out the stories of Maud, Dutch, she is studying a Masters degree in International Business at EAE Business School and she is enjoying life. She is sharing advice, Q&A’s and personal experiences regarding student life in Barcelona.

Vintage shopping in Barcelona: What are the best vintage shops in Barcelona?

Hi guys, welcome back to BEL! This blog is a particularly exciting one because I personally like writing about fashion a lot. Nowadays most people are aware that recycling clothes means that you are not only doing your bit to help the earth by discouraging the production of more throw-away fashion, but you are also getting a much better quality, unique and individual product at a better price. So vintage shopping is actually a win-win situation, and I don’t find myself feeling guilty every time I pop into a vintage store and walk out with a new purchase ;).

Vintage shopping in Barcelona

Let’s start with the beginning of my hunt for the best vintage shops in Barcelona. When I was walking through Raval one day, I was surprised by 2 streets full of vintage stores. I felt like this was a never ending vintage store heaven close to La Rambla, where you can spend your whole afternoon shopping. The names of the streets are: Carrer dels Tallers and Carrer de La Riera Baixa (there are more streets where you can buy vintage items of course). Both streets are full of retro / vintage shops where you can mostly buy clothes, and the price is calculated based on their weight. Although, some shops or some items are fixed prices. The last time I went, I bought a cool oversized dark red bomber jacket which was so light, I only had to pay 13 euros (!).


Below is a compilation of all my favourite ‘go to’ vintage shops that are definitely worth a visit.

Flamingo Vintage Kilo

There are a few in Barcelona, this is a super nice vintage store where they calculate the price based on the weight of the item. Super nice! These stores are so big, you really are spoilt for choice! (Ps. This is where I found my perfect oversized bomber jacket).

Lullaby Vintage Store

Their prices vary according to the age of the item. It is a super nice store and they have a lot of retro vintage stuff! However, don’t expect to find super cheap items here, as vintage shop owners also know vintage is a trend and they all price their items based on this.

Holala Vintage

Holala is a franchise known for selling finely curated pieces of clothing. They have a big store close to MACBA and you will be surprised by their vast collection of carefully preserved clothing and furniture from the 1950s! They have amazing stuff and they are also located in Ibiza.

Le Swing Vintage

This is personally one of my favourites! There are not that many vintage stores in Barcelona that sell luxury vintage stuff for women, but in ‘Le Swing Vintage’, you can. In the beautiful gothic quarter you will find the most amazing second hand, high-end clothing pieces and accessories from top designers. If you like the style of the 50s and 60s, it is a vintage heaven!

Humana Vintage

In Barcelona, you see a Humana on practically every street in the city. This is actually not a normal vintage store, but more a charity shop and all of the items in these stores are shockingly cheap!

Make sure to visit one of these amazing vintage shops in Barcelona. Trust me, they’re worth it! Hope to see you all again soon with a brand new Maud blog here at BEL.

X – Maud in Barcelona!

january 2022: Update from Maud

Hi guys!


My life in Barcelona has come to an end! I really enjoyed these past 15 months in Barcelona and met so many beautiful people. I am super grateful for my time here in Barcelona and I will never forget the precious moments I made.


I am proud of what I accomplished here in Barcelona, like graduating with an MBA in International Business last July and doing a leadership program whilst working at an international start-up, Barcelona Expat Life. I am in love with the city, the weather, the people, the food, and the culture! But, I am going to start my next adventure and go back to the Netherlands (where I am from).


I am really going to miss Barcelona, but I am super excited to live and work back in Amsterdam and make new memories! I am sure that I will be back soon to enjoy life in Barcelona again for a holiday or to visit some friends. Hasta luego! Ciao, X Maud.

  • Rebecca
    14 November 2022 at 16:44

    Hi Maud, are you familiar with an Art Deco store near the Catedral that had authentic 1920s-30s clothing? I saw it a few years ago and hoping to find it again…🤞

    • Josie Crol
      29 December 2022 at 10:57

      Hi Rebecca,

      Do you mean L'ARCA? This store sells vintage and authentic clothes and is nearby the Catedral.

      Hopefully, this answers your questions, if not, please let us know!

      Kind regards,


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