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Vermouth in Barcelona

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When in Barcelona, you simply can’t leave the city without trying a Vermouth. Typically drank as an aperitif, this Catalan drink is usually served on the rocks or with a slice of orange or an olive. You’ve probably either tried it before or you’ve spotted it on the tables of many bars and wondered what it was. Drinking Vermouth is a popular tradition for most people who live here. In Barcelona, to “fer un vermut” (literally “to do a vermouth,” or “to go get a drink”), refers to more than just the drink itself; it’s a whole ritual, particularly on a Sunday, and is marked with some specific do’s and don’ts.



Vermouth/Vermut is a wine-based liqueur with a touch of wormwood and lots of herbs. A typical Vermouth consists of between 50-80 different ingredients, which is quite a lot, but this is why the drink has the perfect balance of sweet, sour and bitter. The most common brand of Vermouth is Martini, but over the years many more brands have created their own version of the drink.



There are 3 kinds of Vermouth: Vermut rojo/Vermut negro (red/black Vermouth), is the most classic and common type, especially in Spain. There is also Vermut blanco (white) and Vermut rosado (rose). 



So what better way to start your Sunday afternoon than with a nice glass of Vermouth? Below you will find our top recommendations for Vermuterias in Barcelona! 


History of Vermouth

A fun fact about Vermouth is that it is thought to have originated as a medicine! This is because in 400 BC, Hippocrates (the Greek Physician), was looking for a medicine to help with stomach ache. He used extracts from plants, spices and flowers in combination with wine, and this is how the aromatic drink originated. 


Though its modern origins are also often linked to Italy, in Catalunya’s Reus region, distillers like Yzaguirre have been blending fortified white wine with sugar, herbs and botanicals for more than a century. Reus was already a great wine producing region but in 1892, three companies started producing Vermouth. At the beginning of the 20th century, almost 30 companies were producing 50 varieties of the Vermouth drink, which led to the trademark: Vermut de Reus.

Bar Torino

This bar was founded by the Italian Flaminio Mezzalama, a native of Turin, hence the name of the establishment. A modernist, eccentric bar created to promote Martini & Rossi’s drink in the city. It was opened on September 21, 1902, and was once considered the most luxurious bar in the city.Bar Torino opened it's doors on the 21st September 1902 on the Passeig de Gràcia and closed in 1911. Apart from introducing the drink to the city, Flaminio decided to also create a spot where wealthy people could enjoy such aromatised wine. The place was a huge success and therefore earned it's reputation as the "Temple of Vermouth".

vermuterias IN BARCELONA

Quimet i Quimet

The most classic and old-school vermut bar in Barcelona. Enjoy delicious tapas along with a nice glass of Vermouth, served in a unique and historic bar in the Poble Sec area of Barcelona.

Morro Fi

Morro Fi is a popular vermuteria in Eixample. Not only do they make their own vermouth, they serve several tapas dishes that compliment the drink nicely. Morro Fi has a more modern twist than your typical vermouth bar. However, the tapas here are as classic as ever.

Bodega La Tieta

Situated on Carrer de Blai in Poble Sec, Bodega la Tieta is already a favourite amongst the local food and drink scene. A tiny bar with no tables inside makes it the perfect spot to mingle with locals at the bar. The food is delicious, especially when it’s washed down with a glass of vermouth!

La Bodegueta de Ca’l Pep

Bodegas Ca’l Pep is one of the most intriguing vermuterias in Barcelona, and will transport you back to a time when the local bodega was the epicentre of the local community.

Casa Mariol

This one is a favorite amongst locals because even though it’s pretty central (located close to La Sagrada Familia), it’s well known for not being super touristy and despite prices being a little higher than alternatives on this list, it’s certainly worth a visit!

Bar Electricitat

This old fashioned vermouth bar is an absolute legend in the Barceloneta neighborhood, and with good reason too. The ambiance is as casual as it gets here - They leave the bottle of vermouth on your table and when you’re done you tell them how many glasses you’ve poured. Be careful though, as you could end up drinking a lot more than you realise! The food here is simple but delicious, which will no doubt leave you happy and smiling.

Vermut Casero (homemade vermouth)

Vermouth is traditional yet timeless, and making it from scratch gives you the chance to put your own personal stamp on the drink. For a great vermouth recipe, check out the following link.

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