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TV Series based in Barcelona

TV series based in Barcelona; one of the best ways to get a glimpse at the true nature of the city is to watch some of the many TV series that explore every corner of Barcelona and the distinctive aspects of Catalan culture. From history and typical Catalan traditions, to sport, architecture and travel tips, there’s something for everyone to watch.

In this blog we have compiled a list of our ‘must-see’ recommendations that we hope you will enjoy! Discover Barcelona through some of it’s most loved TV series and documentaries.

Our top tips for TV series based in Barcelona

Documentary: Dos Cataluñas (Netflix)

Netflix documentary tackling political conflict in the Catalan independence referendum. This documentary collects close to a hundred interviews with several key figures in the Catalan political scene, including the former president Carles Puigdemont, that show perspectives both for and against the independence. 

Documentary: Inside La Sagrada Familia: Barcelona's Unfinished Masterpiece

La Sagrada Familia, one of the world's longest-running construction projects is finally scheduled to be finished in 2026. Watch Time's documentary and meet the team racing to complete the Sagrada Familia in the next 5 years.

Documentary: descubriendo el arte: Antoni Gaudí (YouTube)

If you're keen to learn more about the history of the art and architecture in Barcelona, this documentary tells the story of the life and work of Antoni Gaudí I Cornet. Gaudí was a Spanish architect, responsible for creating La Sagrada Familia among other notable projects such as Park Güell, Casa Milá, and Casa Batlló, he was also considered to be the highest representative of Catalan modernism.

Short film showcase: These death-defying human towers build on Catalan tradition

Els Castells, the human towers, represent solidarity and team spirit among Catalan people. This National Geographic documentary explores what is considered to be the most dramatic and true display of Catalan culture, the tradition of building 'Castells'.

Documentary: Barça Dreams (Netflix)

If you're a sports fanatic, you'll definitely want to make sure you watch Barça Dreams. This documentary tells the story of FC Barcelona, one of the top football clubs in the world, highly praised for its legendary players like Leo Messi, Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta, the prestigious coach Pep Guardiola, and the man who changed the sport with his innovative vision: Johan Cruyff. The documentary narrates the club's long road to fame and reveals the secrets of a powerful club that creates admiration worldwide, making the motto "Barça: more than a club" a reality.

Documentary: Matchday Inside FC Barcelona

Another favourite for sports lovers - Inside FC Barcelona follows the famed soccer club through its 2018-2019 season. This series offers exclusive behind the scenes content from both on and off the field at Camp Nou, granting viewers first hand insight into how world-class athletes celebrate the greatest of victories and deal with the most crushing of defeats.

Catalonia by Oliver Astrologo

Join Oliver Astrologo and discover some of Catalonia's hidden gems. Take inspiration from his journey around the region and find new places to add to your bucket list.

TV Serie: Catalunya experience (TV3)

The show is about a unique travel experience through the region of Catalonia in Spain, as host Ivana Miño takes guests from around the world on a once in a lifetime experience. The 'Catalunya Experience' hosts guests from all five continents, with a tailor-made trip full of surprises for each of them. 

TV Serie: La Catedral del Mar (Netflix)

Based on the Spanish historical novel La Catedral del Mar by Ildefonso Falcones, the story is set in 14th-century Barcelona and portrays a serf's determined climb to wealth whilst highlighting the animosity towards the noble class and the suspicion of the Inquisition. The series follows the life of Arnau Estanyol, a lowly Spaniard who escapes serfdom and is put to work building the infamous Catholic church La Santa María de la Mar. 

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