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Top 5 go to places in Barcelona

Maud Anna van Gorkom

Check out the stories of Maud, Dutch, she is studying a Masters degree in International Business at EAE Business School and she is enjoying life. She is sharing advice, Q&A’s and personal experiences regarding student life in Barcelona.

Hi guys, welcome back to My Barcelona Story!


Barcelona has so much to offer; going for a coffee, having lunch, shopping (which I really love to do), taking a leisurely stroll in the sun, visiting the beach… When I walk through this beautiful city, I have so many happy moments! ☺.


Below are some of my ‘go to’ places in Barcelona from morning to evening. I really hoped you will like this blog and I will see you guys next time! 

Hasta luego!

X – Maud in Barcelona.

Hidden Coffee

When I took that first sip of coffee, I knew I had found the perfect coffee spot where I wanted to go everyday!

Lulu & Flyn

Lulu & Flyn is a really nice and happy place to have lunch, chill, have a coffee/juice and just relax.


This place has the best steak tartar and amazing bartenders for a perfect dinner. You can request to sit at a chefs table and see exactly what they are cooking for you. IT’S AMAZING!

Ohla Barcelona

This rooftop is not only a great place to meet new people, but it’s also a nice place to drink cocktails, swim and soak up the sun.

january 2022: Update from Maud

Hi guys!


My life in Barcelona has come to an end! I really enjoyed these past 15 months in Barcelona and met so many beautiful people. I am super grateful for my time here in Barcelona and I will never forget the precious moments I made.


I am proud of what I accomplished here in Barcelona, like graduating with an MBA in International Business last July and doing a leadership program whilst working at an international start-up, Barcelona Expat Life. I am in love with the city, the weather, the people, the food, and the culture! But, I am going to start my next adventure and go back to the Netherlands (where I am from).


I am really going to miss Barcelona, but I am super excited to live and work back in Amsterdam and make new memories! I am sure that I will be back soon to enjoy life in Barcelona again for a holiday or to visit some friends. Hasta luego! Ciao, X Maud.

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