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Cycling and Sustainable Urban Mobility in Barcelona

Cycling is part of the solution for more sustainable Urban Mobility in Barcelona

Cycling and sustainable urban mobility in Barcelona. Looking for ways to limit your carbon footprint? Barcelona is increasing the bike network by 40%, developing a strategic plan for secure bike parking in the city and studying the addition of more electric bikes. Cycle and be part of the environmentally friendly solution!

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Barcelona - the 2024 Urban Mobility Plan

The Urban Mobility Plan (UMP) of Barcelona sets out four main challenges in response to the mobility needs of people and goods: guaranteeing the right to mobility, looking after people’s health and safety, contributing to the recovery of economic and commercial activities, and fighting the climate crisis and improving air quality. The plan specifies a total of 60 lines of action and over 300 measures for more sustainable, safe and healthy mobility. It also sets the goal of 81.52% of travel being undertaken on foot or by public transport or bicycle by 2024. 

Cycling and sustainable urban mobility in Barcelona

A fun, environmentally friendly alternative to walking is transit cycling. With the city adding new cycling paths, you can get literally anywhere in Barcelona on a bike – including the metro, train, tram, and bus. Choosing to ride your bike means improving your physical health as well as reducing air pollution and the emissions that contribute to global warming. Many Barcelonians are taking advantage of cycling as a low-carbon, low-cost mode of transport.


Cycling and sustainable urban mobility: who says biking to school can’t be a party on wheels? Groups of children and their parents listen to music and bike to school every Friday morning thanks to the Bicibús project. The ride starts at the Sant Antoni market hall in the Eixample district and blocks off motorized traffic for one hour, enabling schoolchildren to use the streets as an extended bike path. The idea is to promote change towards sustainable mobility and improve kids’ health and school performance.

European mobility Week

European Mobility week is the European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility. It encourages behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public transport and other clean, intelligent transport solutions. From September 16th to 22nd, the 2022 ‘Better Connections’ themed campaign will empower people to choose more sustainable and intelligent transport solutions. 

European mobility week: Activities in Barcelona

Barcelona is taking part in European Mobility Week. Barcelona City Counci, the city’s organisations and associations have planned over one hundred activities. Join in on some to raise awareness and create a cleaner urban lifestyle!

Cycling and Sustainable Urban Mobility

Park(ing) Day (16th of September)

Public parking spaces will be transformed into parks, gardens and other types of public spaces.

Cycling and Sustainable Urban Mobility

Car-Free Day (22nd of September)

Roads will be closed to traffic and a great variety of events to be held on the streets. Traffic will be replaced with activities for all ages.

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