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Definitive guide to install solar panels in Spain

How to install solar panels in Spain

The generation of energy by means of fossil fuels is a key contributor to the pollution of our planet and as a result, the acceleration of climate change. 


The transition to a sustainable energy model is no longer a utopia, but a reality in which much work remains to be done. Governments seek to accelerate this path through policies that help the implementation of sustainable energy.


The installation of solar panels is one of the most economical alternatives with the greatest potential to keep us away from the high volatility of electricity prices. It is a renewable and 100% clean source of energy for the planet and solar panels are a profitable investment for both homes and businesses!

This article is written by Wouter Draijer, founder of SolarMente.

Definitive guide to install solar panels in Spain

What are solar panels and how do they work?

Solar panels are elements formed by photovoltaic cells with the final objective of transforming solar energy into electrical energy available for consumption in our home.


The operation of solar panels is rather simple. First, solar panels capture photons from the sun and by means of silicon, a semiconductor component from which it is made, transform those absorbed photons into electrons. In this way, the direct current generated by the solar panels is converted into alternating current through the solar inverter to consume electricity in our home.


In addition, if you have consumed less energy than that produced by your photovoltaic system, you will have the option of requesting the compensation of surpluses to obtain an economic retribution or, on the contrary, to store it in solar batteries.

The elements that make up a photovoltaic system

In a photovoltaic installation, not only the solar modules are taken into account, but also several elements that allow the correct operation to produce the maximum solar energy.


These are the elements of a photovoltaic installation.

  • The solar panels
  • The solar inverter
  • The smart meter
  • The structure for the installation

What are the requirements for the installation of solar panels on your home?

The first and most important thing you should know about the installation of solar panels in Spain is that they can only be installed by certified installers. There are a series of additional conditions that your home must meet.


First, a study of the roof must be carried out. The installation company will check if it is in good enough condition and if the orientation and inclination are adequate to begin the process.


Once the house has the appropriate structure, it will be necessary to comply with some legal requirements to proceed with the installation. Various types of documentation will be requested either before or after the installation.

What permits are required for the installation of solar panels?

Hire an authorised installer. The work must be carried out by an authorised company. Register the installation. The installation is then registered in the corresponding autonomous community through the Ministry of Industry.

Validation of the system. The installation is validated by the Ministry of Industry. If necessary, it will request documentation from the installer.

Signing of the grid access contract for the compensation of surpluses. The distributor or energy trading company will contact you to sign the contract within a maximum period of 10 days. Otherwise, it will be understood that you agree with the conditions presented.

Solar panels in Spain
Solar panels in Spain

What is the process of installing a photovoltaic system?

The installation process can be summarised in the following steps:


  1. Assemble the structure
  2. Fixing the roof and placing the solar panels
  3. Connecting to the electrical inverter
  4. Connecting to the electrical panel


There would be a fifth step for those who also want to bet on solar batteries. Of course, this way you can reduce dependence on the electricity grid and enjoy the photovoltaic self-consumption in Spain even more.

What are the costs of solar panels in Spain?

Each home has different energy needs and prices vary from one autonomous community to another due to municipal taxes. The price range is between 6,500 and 10,000 euros (please note that this range does not include batteries).

What are the grants and subsidies for the installation of solar panels in Spain?

Betting on renewable solar energy requires a significant initial investment but you can opt for a series of grants and subsidies to facilitate access to photovoltaic self-consumption in Spain.

Bonificación del Impuesto por Bienes Inmuebles (IBI)

The IBI is a compulsory annual tax for property owners and applies a rebate of up to 50% for several years. The percentage and the period of years will depend on each municipality, although most municipalities apply a period of 3 to 5 years.

Bonificación del Impuesto sobre Construcciones, Instalaciones y Obras (ICIO)

The ICIO is an indirect tax with a maximum allowance of 95% that you will be able to deduct only once and the percentage will vary according to the corresponding municipality.

Deducciones del impuesto de la renta (IRPF)

The IRPF deduction for installing solar panels in Spain varies according to the community, but we can obtain bonuses that start at 20% up to 60%.

Ayudas para el autoconsumo: Fondos Next Generation

We cannot forget the Next Generation Funds from the European Union (EU) with the intention of promoting self-consumption and giving access to a higher percentage of the population. In the case of homes with a power of less than 10 kWp (most of the cases) the amount can reach 600 € per kWp. For batteries, you will receive an aid of €490 per kWh.

Maintenance: how to extend the life of your photovoltaic system?

The good thing about installing solar panels on your home is that they hardly require any attention. Cleaning solar panels is really easy.


However, dirt can accumulate on the surface, which can be easily removed with water. This way the modules will be clean to capture as much light as possible. Even so, it is possible that the dirt will not disappear with a water wash. In these cases, use a non-abrasive scouring pad to avoid damage to the modules.

About SolarMente

We are Solarmente, the company that brings solar energy to your home to enjoy self-consumption and increase your energy savings.


Solarmente’s mission is to lead the world towards a clean energy future by integrating solar energy, storage, electrification and virtual power plant in one smart solution for each home.

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