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Skiing in Catalonia

Skiing in Catalonia; if you are looking for an affordable skiing holiday then look no further. The Catalonia region has countless ski resorts that are currently in season. Although you might want to go skiing in more prominent areas like the French or Swiss alps, skiing in Spain is a lot cheaper and offer more variety of places than in the more well-known areas. Not only that but it only takes a few hours to get to these locations and there are many other things you can do near the resorts besides skiing.

Skiing in Catalonia and Spain

Spain is a country that has a lot to offer. Whether you want to spend the day at the beach or an afternoon hiking, this is the place for you. One thing you might not know about Spain is that this is a prime location for skiing. Spain’s ski resorts are spread across the northern and southern areas of the country, but the most popular location for skiing is the Spanish Pyrenees. There are over 5 different regions that are known for skiing and over 16 ski resorts scattered across the Catalonia and Aragon Pyrenees. These resorts include runs for beginners all the way to experienced skiers.


Another popular area to ski in Spain is based in the beautiful Sierra Nevada which is located in the south of Spain. If you are near Madrid there are also plenty of slopes that you can go to for the day, specifically in the northwest of Spain like Galicia, Leon, and Cantabria, as well as La Rioja and Teruel.

Why Ski in Catalonia?

You might be wondering why someone would choose to ski in Spain when it is so close to the French, Austrian, and Swiss alps. But there are actually plenty of benefits to skiing in Spain! Firstly, it is much cheaper than most of the popular areas. Not only are the resorts cheaper but also the flights are usually in a great price range and most airlines fly to almost every part of Spain. This makes it cheaper and more convenient for tourists to reach the ski stations in Spain than in other countries. 


There is also a lot to do in Spain besides skiing so if you want to combine your holidays, you can go skiing one day and explore the other days. Most of the resorts are very family orientated catering for all levels of skiers, and as skiing becomes ever more popular in Europe there are plenty of schools on hand with well-trained professional teachers to lend a hand with your first tentative steps on the slopes.

Baqueira-Beret & La Molina

Baqueira-Beret is the most popular location to ski in Spain, located in the northwestern part of Catalonia. Because this region has an Atlantic climate, the temperatures are warmer than the alps and the snow is at its highest quality from December through April. This is a prime location for avid skiers and in fact, this is where you can find Spanish royalty during holidays. The resort is split into three areas- Baqueira, Beret, and Bonagigua. 


Another prime location to ski in Catalonia, less than two hours by car from the beaches of Barcelona, is a busy, bustling resort called La Molina. The home of Spain’s first ski lift and ski school, it now offers top facilities built to host the 2011 Snowboarding World Championships: 61km of pistes divided into 54 runs, a park for beginners, and the biggest half-pipe in the Pyrenees.

Skiing in Catalonia

Other than skiing

All of the resorts have plenty of other activities to participate in other than skiing. Formigal is known for its nightlife with Marchica being the most popular club if you are looking to party. Sierra Nevada which is a little further south also has a fun nightlife with disco bars in the resorts. There are also a lot of fun bars and restaurants in all of the resorts if you are looking to skip the clubs.


Baqueira is close to the wonderful Vinacoteca Alsur wine bar and many hotels host their own night-time entertainment. There are endless amounts of hotels, chalets, and apartments across Spain’s ski resorts, offering travelers plenty of options to choose from during their stay. One of the top accommodations to choose from is Hotel Tuc Blanc, which boasts a Jacuzzi, sauna, and an indoor pool among other great facilities.

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