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Skateboarding in Barcelona

Whether you’re already aware or not, Barcelona stands out as a prominent city in the skateboarding community, renowned globally as the ultimate skating destination. Thanks to the city’s architecture, Barcelona allows you to skate pretty much anywhere.


I’m your guide in this blog—Charlotte Wilkins, a 21-year-old student who had the incredible experience of living in Barcelona for five months during my internship. Join me as we delve into the dynamic world of skateboarding in Barcelona. I’ll introduce you to the skate community, uncover iconic skate spots, and recommend cool skate shops worth exploring, providing you with insights into the thriving skateboarding culture in this captivating city.

Skateboarding in Barcelona

History of skateboarding in Barcelona

The city’s love affair with skateboarding goes back to the 1980s when the first skateboarders began navigating its vibrant streets. As the skateboarding scene gained momentum, Barcelona’s distinctive urban landscape, featuring iconic spots like the MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona) and the surrounding Raval neighbourhood, became synonymous with creativity and innovation in skateboarding. That’s also why today, most of the skate shops are located in the Raval neighbourhood.


Barcelona has been a backdrop for numerous skate videos, documentaries, and international skateboarding events and competitions. Skaters worldwide make pilgrimages to Barcelona to experience its unique blend of street culture, history, and an unparalleled skateboarding environment.


Today, Barcelona continues to be a beacon for skateboarders, a place where the spirit of the sport thrives amidst the rich tapestry of the city’s past and present. Its contribution to the global skateboarding narrative remains significant, making Barcelona not just a city on the map but an integral part of skateboarding in Barcelona’s evolving story.

The skate community in Barcelona

Exploring the skateboarding scene and talking directly to skaters themselves unveils a community that’s all about being cool, open-minded, not judging others, being helpful, and showing respect. Even though watching skaters do tricks might seem a bit intimidating, the reality is that this community is friendly and welcoming. The coolness isn’t just about style – it’s about being laid-back and true to yourself. Skaters are open-minded, meaning they accept and celebrate everyone, no matter their background or skill level, making them an essential part of the skateboarding scene in Barcelona.


Unlike what people might think, skaters are really nice and supportive, especially to beginners. They’re all about helping each other out, creating an atmosphere built on respect for one another. In a nutshell, the skateboarding community breaks stereotypes, redefines what’s cool, and is all about being kind, open, and respectful, embodying the spirit of skateboarding in Barcelona.


Let’s not forget that girls are a vital part of the skate community too! While there might be fewer women skaters, the community is super welcoming and supportive of all, including girls who want to start skating. Cheers to all the girls out there – the skate community in Barcelona is rooting for you!

Skateboarding in Barcelona: skate spots


If you’re planning a stay in Barcelona and eager to discover the city’s prime skate spots, the first on the list, is undeniably MACBA.


Constructed in 1995 as a pivotal element of an extensive urban renewal project in Barcelona’s Raval neighbourhood, MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona) proudly bears the architectural imprint of Richard Meier. Meier, a highly accomplished American architect celebrated for his work on the Getty Center in Los Angeles, brought his expertise to the design, leaving a lasting impact on Barcelona’s cultural and architectural landscape.


Despite its official classification as a museum, MACBA has achieved legendary status as the biggest and most renowned skate spot for skateboarding in Barcelona. The appeal lies in its expansive smooth marble surfaces, iconic architecture, and a variety of ledges and stair sets, creating a paradise for skateboarders. Its central location in the heart of the city and the vibrant urban backdrop contribute to its worldwide popularity.


However, the journey wasn’t always smooth. In the early days, skaters often faced harassment from security guards and police who perceived the plaza as a disturbance. In response, skaters took a stand, organising protests and collaborating with local authorities to legitimise the space as a recognized skate spot. Their persistent efforts yielded positive results, and over time, MACBA gained recognition as a cultural nexus for both skaters and artists. In a notable move, the museum curated a skateboarding exhibit in 2015, spotlighting the rich history and culture of skateboarding in Barcelona.


Yet, MACBA extends beyond being merely a skate spot; it serves as a symbol of Barcelona’s dynamic and diverse culture. The plaza has played host to numerous protests, performances, and cultural events, establishing itself as a central hub for free expression and creativity.

Ciutadella Skate Plaza

Ciutadella Skate Plaza is a distinctive skateboarding haven designed by Skate Architects, reflecting a departure from traditional skatepark concepts. The project’s vision, presented to the Barcelona municipality, aimed to break away from preconceived notions of skateparks and embrace the reality of street skateboarding that has made Barcelona a global skateboarding hotspot. This unique plaza goes beyond the conventional skatepark, presenting itself as a skate spot tailored explicitly for skateboarding in Barcelona.


The design cleverly incorporates elements of Barcelona’s existing public space architecture, using materials like black granite that echo the city’s aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from various beloved skate spots in Barcelona, Ciutadella Skate Plaza becomes a celebration of the rich skateboarding culture embedded in the city’s streets. Rather than viewing street skateboarding as an urban issue, the plaza positions it as a positive and integral aspect of Barcelona’s identity.


Ciutadella Skate Plaza distinguishes itself as a more accessible and less crowded alternative, making it an ideal destination for casual and beginner skaters looking to practise and enjoy their time. In contrast to the bustling atmosphere of MACBA, Ciutadella provides a more relaxed and laid-back environment, allowing skaters to hone their skills without the intensity of larger crowds.

Skate Agora Barcelona

The Skate Agora is a prominent skatepark that has become a focal point for skateboarders in the city. Nestled within the Parc de la Mar Bella, this modern skateboarding facility is renowned for its state-of-the-art design and features. The Agora boasts a diverse range of elements, including ramps, ledges, rails, and bowls, catering to skateboarders of all skill levels.


What sets the Skate Agora apart is its attention to detail in replicating street-skating elements, providing an authentic urban skateboarding experience within a controlled environment.


Designed by renowned architects, the park reflects Barcelona’s commitment to fostering skateboarding culture. Its strategic layout encourages creativity and progression, making Skate Agora an attractive destination for both local skaters and visitors interested in skateboarding in Barcelona. The park often hosts events, competitions, and community gatherings, contributing to the vibrancy of Barcelona’s skate scene.


With its welcoming atmosphere and diverse terrain, the Skate Agora has become a hub for skateboarders seeking challenges, camaraderie, and a space to express their passion for the sport. The park’s integration into the urban landscape further solidifies its role as a key player in Barcelona’s skateboarding culture, drawing enthusiasts from around the world to experience its unique offerings.

Skateboarding in Barcelona: shops

Amigos Skate shop

Amigos Skate Shop stands out as a fantastic skate shop in Barcelona, offering a diverse range of skate accessories, boards, clothing, and footwear. A must-visit destination for skateboard enthusiasts, the shop provides a welcoming atmosphere for those in search of quality gear. 


The staff at Amigos Skate shop are not only knowledgeable but also friendly, always ready to assist customers. With the ability to communicate in Spanish, English, or French, they ensure a comfortable and inclusive experience for visitors from different linguistic backgrounds. Having personally visited the shop multiple times, I always felt a sense of warmth and hospitality, making it a standout choice for skateboarders in Barcelona. 


Moreover, Amigos Skate shop goes beyond retail by organising skate events, inviting everyone to join in the fun. This commitment to fostering a sense of community further solidifies Amigos Skate Shop as a go-to spot for not just skate gear, but also for the camaraderie that defines the culture of skateboarding in Barcelona .

Rufus Macba

In my quest to find out the best skate shop for skateboarding in Barcelona, the name Rufus Macba came up multiple times when I asked local skaters. Positioned conveniently right next to Macba, this skate shop has earned a solid reputation among the skating community for its accessibility and comprehensive range of products.


One notable aspect of Rufus Macba is its prime location, making it a practical choice for skaters looking to purchase essentials or upgrade their gear on the go during skate sessions. The staff at Rufus Macba is known for their welcoming and helpful attitude, catering to a diverse clientele, including international visitors.


What makes Rufus Macba stand out further is its extensive inventory, featuring a diverse array of brands covering clothing, boards, accessories, shoes, and more. This variety ensures that skaters can find just what they’re looking for, whether they prefer to shop in-store or make convenient online orders.


So, if you find yourself in Barcelona and in need of skate-related items, Rufus Macba appears to be a popular and reliable choice for skateboarding in Barcelona, as endorsed by the local skating community.

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