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Samantha Rückheim

Interview with Samantha Rückheim

Samantha Rückheim



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25-34 years old

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German, Spanish, English, French and Italian


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Samantha Rückheim

Introducing Samantha Rückheim, a German expat in Barcelona.

Why did you choose to relocate to Barcelona?

In 2015, I had an overnight stay in Barcelona with a cruise ship I was working on at the time. I was mesmerized by the ambience of this city and I had only seen the area around the port, La Rambla and Placa Catalunya (probably around 1% of Barcelona I would say). I just knew that I would come back to live here one day.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced after your relocation?

For me it was finding a place that I can call "home". Flat hunting has been my biggest challenge since my relocation. I have learned so much about,, Badi and other real estate webpages. Overall, I had to move about 6 times in just over 2 years.

What do you love the most about Barcelona?

The overall ambience and its architecture is unique. There is nothing better than enjoying a Vermouth and some tapas in Barcelona. I do also love the proximity to some beautiful places along the Costa Brava and the Baleares.

If you could give one piece of advice to future expats in Barcelona, what would it be?

Never give up! Things work differently in every country. Never underestimate cultural differences (both at work and in your personal life). Embrace the change and you will find your happiness wherever you may be.

What was your greatest fear before moving to Barcelona?

Before relocating to Barcelona I had the following questions on my mind: Will I ever feel at home in this new city? How long will it take until this feeling kicks in? Will I be able to connect with the locals? Will I find a rewarding job and a fulfilling personal life? Will I be lucky and find some really good friends who support you in the good and bad times?

Do you use your native language at work?

Yes, I do. German is a highly demanded language in Barcelona.

Thank you to Samantha Rückheim for sharing your expat story with us!

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