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Running in Barcelona

Barcelona & Running; what a perfect combination! Just grab your running shoes and pick your route around the beach, the wide city streets or up in the mountains. With its soft climate, Barcelona the absolutely ideal destination for runners all year-round.


There is such a wide variety of routes to choose from, that this leisure activity can be adapted to those who want to indulge in their everyday hobby, or beginners who are looking for a new way to get fit. 

This blog is sponsored by Running Barcelona®.

Running in Barcelona

Events - Running in Barcelona

Barcelona is host to many incredible running events throughout the year. These races are not only a great way to get fit and active, but are also a way of meeting new people, building communities and getting to see the city from a different perspective.


Why not take on one of the most attractive marathon routes in Europe, or enjoy a pleasant run around some of Barcelona’s best scenic routes. Check out some of the most popular races below, running in Barcelona is fun!

Cursa Moritz Sant Antoni

The 10km event that opens the athletic calendar of the city of Barcelona year after year. On 21st of January, the people of Barcelona will once again be able to enjoy a 10k race in the heart of the city: the Cursa de Sant Antoni.

eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona

Runners from around the world will sign up to run this route through the centre of Barcelona. eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona event brings together both experienced athletes and novice runners who want to participate in big events.

Zurich Marató de Barcelona

One of the biggest sporting and running events in the city by far is the Barcelona Marathon. The Barcelona Marathon is a 42.195 km race which is becoming a popular classic on the international marathon calendar. It has been run since 1977 on a flat and scenic route through some beautiful parts of Barcelona. According to runners who have already tackled it, the course of the Zurich Marató Barcelona is one of the most spectacular on Earth. If you’re taking part, don’t miss the traditional Breakfast Run the day before the Barcelona marathon and the Pasta Party on the Saturday before the marathon.

Salomon Run Barcelona

Do you want to run in Barcelona in a different way? The Salomon Run Barcelona gives you the opportunity to run in places that are not usually accessible. Come and enjoy our city and its surroundings while you run through slopes, hundreds of stairs and the different emblematic points where the race takes place. Come and discover some of the nooks and crannies that the magical mountain of Montjuic has to offer. Do you want to get to know the less urban side of the city? Get ready to experience the Salomon Run Barcelona! A different kind of race.

Cursa El Corte Inglés

The Cursa El Corte Inglés  10 km run is one of the most popular running in Barcelona events and one of the biggest in Europe. The all time record number of runners in this race, which is also a Guinness World Record, was when the 1994 Cursa Corte Ingles registered a grand total of 109,457 runners.

Cursa de la Mercé

The Cursa de la Mercé run is a popular 10 km run forms part of the annual La Mercè festival at the end of September, and fills the city’s street with athletes of all abilities. It’s the perfect way to get back into training after a long summer. 

Vueling Cursa de Bombers

The Vueling Fire Department Barcelona (typically a group of 300 firefighters from Barcelona, the Generalitat of Catalonia and AENA, along with others from several European countries) take part in this race every year. Most of them will be dressed in their regulatory intervention uniform. This involves not only the suit, but also the oxygen cylinders or helmet. This Barcelona event remains the second largest in Spain in terms of participation behind the San Silvestre Vallecana in Madrid.

Carrera de la Mujer

Calling all women in Barcelona! Sign up to Europe’s biggest female sports event, a race in support of the fight against breast cancer. Taking place not only in Barcelona, but similarly in the Spanish cities of Valencia, Madrid, Vitoria, Gijon, La Coruña, Seville and Zaragoza.

Cursa dels Nassos

Say farewell to last year with this annual 10km charity race, which takes place on New Year’s Eve along the beachfront. The run has a distinctly celebratory atmosphere with many runners in fancy dress to match the festive spirit. Either for sport or for burning those extra calories gained over the Christmas period, La Cursa del Nassos attracts more and more participants every year.

Trials - Running in Barcelona

Running in Barcelona: The seaside routes

In addition to the many routes to try out in the city or mountain areas of Barcelona, let’s not forget about the abundance of beautiful routes along the coast. These routes are mostly paved paths, nothing too strenuous and are suitable for people at all levels. Just imagine, going for a nice relaxing jog along the sea front, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. 

Running in Barcelona: Carretera de les Aigües

If you’re looking for an ideal running in Barcelona get away, we would recommend going to the zona alta . Halfway up Tibidabo hill you will find perhaps the most beautiful natural sports street in the world “la Carretera de les Aigües”. The combination of running (or walking or cycling) in nature with trees, birds, fresh air and sometimes even wild boars around you, with the constant view over the city of Barcelona and the sea makes it a unique place to get out and go for a run!

Costa Brava GR 92

The GR92 is a sunny, Mediterranean coastal trail along the Costa Brava and offers not only a wonderful landscape with sun and sea, but also many cultural and historical highlights along the way! This route alternates between customs roads along the coast, flat stages and more “mountainous” sections which offer excellent sea views. 

Running Barcelona® has been founded by a lover of sports, Dutch born, Koen Willems


Running Barcelona® offers every runner, from beginner to expert, a range of services to enjoy life, enjoy Barcelona… and enjoy running in Barcelona!


Its aim is to support the growth of running as a sport, for enjoyment and as part of a healthy lifestyle. With services focused on training, physiotherapy, tours and coaching in Barcelona. With Running Barcelona®, Koen will help you enjoy running to the fullest. The training with him will not only help you get better, but also relax, breathe, and enjoy. The philosophy of Running Barcelona® is “Running without Suffering”!


Koen has lived in Barcelona for over 10 years and has seen the evolution of the different places to run. After studying Physiotherapy, Psychology and Health Sciences, he worked in the Netherlands first, then in the USA, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. After coming to Barcelona, founding Running Barcelona® combined his two passions, running and treating. His vision is that good health makes you enjoy sport and daily life activities in the best way possible. If you have the willpower to do it, there will always be a way to reach your goal. Koen will help you to focus.


Running in Barcelona may seem easy and natural but like any sport, if you practise it without some techniques, you can hurt yourself. Unfortunately up to 90% of runners have bad technique and end up injured. To avoid this, we suggest you come in for a session. It is important to know how your body reacts, how to position yourself, how to breathe.


This is why Koen will first work on the core-muscles. If you have good control of this central part of your body, you will see the changes in your posture and in the footstep. Secondly, with some tips and doing specific exercises on the running technique, you will enjoy running in no time! As a last step, a training programme can be offered which will be supported by additional physiotherapy or coaching. 


You can book an appointment for an initial session by sending us an email, calling us, or Whatsapping us. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram.

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