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Oct 05
La Castanyada and Halloween in Barcelona

Halloween, an American holiday, becomes more popular in Barcelona every year! Halloween is closely tied to La Castanyada, so you can celebrate both in Barcelona and get the best of both worlds!

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May 28
Victor Horcasitas

Victor Horcasitas is a American / Mexican expat living in Barcelona. Why did he move to Barcelona and what is his advice to future expats?

Apr 08
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Abbie Hibler

Meet entrepreneur Abbie Hibler, who saw the need for new types of books for kids and created a book subscription of books that are a better representation of the world we live in.

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Jan 20
Register to vote from abroad (for Americans)

Are you an American living in Barcelona and still want to vote from abroad? Check out this page to find out how to exercise your patriotic right as an American.