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Sep 29
Barcelona International Community Day 2023

Barcelona International Community Day 2023, this event is the main welcome space for international professionals who have just arrived in the city and the benchmark event for all members of the international community who live and work in Barcelona

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Jun 16
German Week

Do you want to read more about the experience of Germans in Barcelona? Or are you curious about the differences between a German and a Spanish CV? Barcelona Expat Life has organised the German Week. Read the week recap here.

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May 16
Living in Barcelona

Living in Barcelona is great, but it is important to have an idea of the costs of living, housing, private and public healthcare and how to establish a social life and network. In the last week of the Work in Barcelona! month we discuss all these things, so you're fully ready to start your life in the city!

May 10
Paperwork in Barcelona

To be able to work in Barcelona, you will need to arrange a NIE, empadronamiento, seguridad social, a bank account and taxes. There are many things to take into regard, all of which we discuss in week 3 of the Work in Barcelona month!

May 09
Week 2 Work in Barcelona!
Spanish Work Culture

When working in Barcelona, it is crucial to understand the Spanish work culture. In week 2 of the Work in Barcelona! month, we discuss everything from payslips, calling in sick and job search tools to the business landscape in Barcelona and relocating.

May 03
10 tips on how to effectively use LinkedIn

Find new career and networking opportunities by updating your LinkedIn profile with the help of these 10 tips!

May 02
Job search in Barcelona

In week of the Work in Barcelona! month we will discuss the best job search tools and how to level up your social media presence, as well as why you should come to our job fair!

Apr 26
Working in The Netherlands or in Spain? 5 differences

Are you curious about how the Netherlands and Barcelona differ in terms of work? We have listed 5 differences between working in the Netherlands and Barcelona.

Mar 25
Work in Barcelona! Month

Need some help with your job search in Barcelona or want to know more about working in BCN? Check out 'Work in Barcelona! Month', from Monday 2nd May - Tuesday 31st May 2022,

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May 11
How to kick-start your international career in Barcelona

Barcelona Expat Life is here to prevent any obstacles you might face as an expat. Kick-start your international career in Barcelona via our platform!