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Jun 16
German Week Recap

Do you want to read more about the experience of Germans in Barcelona? Or are you…

May 16
Week 4 Work in Barcelona!
Living in Barcelona

Living in Barcelona is great, but it is important to have an idea of the costs of…

May 10
Week 3 Work in Barcelona!

To be able to work in Barcelona, you will need to arrange a NIE, empadronamiento,…

May 09
Week 2 Work in Barcelona!
Spanish Work Culture

When working in Barcelona, it is crucial to understand the Spanish work culture. In…

May 03
10 tips on how to effectively use LinkedIn

Find new career and networking opportunities by updating your LinkedIn profile with…

May 02
Week 1 Work in Barcelona!
Job Search Tools and Social Media Presence

In week of the Work in Barcelona! month we will discuss the best job search tools and…

Apr 26
5 differences between working in the Netherlands and Barcelona

Are you curious about how the Netherlands and Barcelona differ in terms of work? We…

Mar 25
Work in Barcelona!

Need some help with your job search in Barcelona or want to know more about working in…

May 11
How to kick-start your international career in Barcelona

If you’re starting your new job as an expat in Barcelona, there are a few things…

Mar 17
How to find a job in Barcelona?

Do you have questions regarding the challenges of finding a job in Barcelona as an…