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May 28
Giulio Gregorio

Giulio Gregorio is an Italian expat living in Barcelona. Why did he move to Barcelona and what is his advice to future expats?

Dec 16
Italian food in Barcelona

Barcelona is a big multi-cultural city filled with nationalities from all over the world. Many residents are of Italian origin and bringing essential parts of their culture.

Dec 14
Italian expats in Barcelona

Our latest blog for Italian expats provides statistics on the most popular districts for the Italian community and gives insight into expat life in Barcelona.

Dec 07
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Graciela Nowenstein

The owner of La Fuga Barcelona where she tells us about her lifestory and her Italian restaurant/caffé where you can get drinks and delicious Italian food.

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Jul 21
Chiara Fraser

A new entrepreneur spotlight covering 'Her Roomies', a rental platform in Barcelona offering a safe, female-focused community with a variety of rental offerings.