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Category: French

May 28
Alexandre Brunet

Alexandre Brunet is a Fench expat living in Barcelona. Why did he move to Barcelona and what is his advice to future expats?

May 28
Evie Berland

Evie Berland is a French expat living in Barcelona. Why did she move to Barcelona and what is her advice to future expats?

Oct 18
French food in Barcelona: best French restaurants in Barcelona

This article is about French restaurants in Barcelona. It's French week and that's why we're taking a closer look at all the great French restaurants in Barcelona.

Jan 06
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Stephanie Meagher

Looking for a place to discover and book activities for your kids? Check out, the largest catalogue of kids’ activities in Barcelona, with over 1500 listings from 500 providers.

Mar 14
French community in Barcelona

Our latest blog for French expats provides statistics on the most popular districts for the French community and gives insight into expat life in Barcelona.