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Category: Food

Nov 13
Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas is a major holiday in Spain, and is therefore an incredible time to be in Barcelona with many festive lights, Christmas markets, and events.

Oct 05
La Castanyada and Halloween in Barcelona

Halloween, an American holiday, becomes more popular in Barcelona every year! Halloween is closely tied to La Castanyada, so you can celebrate both in Barcelona and get the best of both worlds!

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Jun 15
Catalan recipes

Let's Cook and Grandma's Cooking Barcelona have partnered to bring customers traditional Catalan recipes and ingredients to their door.

Jun 15
Can I drink tap water in Barcelona?

We offer a guide to the history and safety of tap water in Barcelona, answering all of your questions about the city's water and the water shortage.

Jan 12
Cava in Barcelona

Cava is a very popular Spanish wine that is essential to the Catalan way of life. With over 160 wineries producing and selling cava here in Spain, this wine has a unique history beginning in 1872.

Dec 16
Italian food in Barcelona

Barcelona is a big multi-cultural city filled with nationalities from all over the world. Many residents are of Italian origin and bringing essential parts of their culture.

Oct 18
French restaurants in Barcelona

This article is about French restaurants in Barcelona. It's French week and that's why we're taking a closer look at all the great French restaurants in Barcelona.

Sep 16
The 7 best and most insta-worthy rooftops in Barcelona

We have put together a list of our favourite rooftop bars in Barcelona to help you discover the perfect spot to wine, dine & enjoy tapas with a view.

Sep 14
Vermouth in Barcelona

What better way to start your Sunday afternoon than with a nice glass of Vermouth? Check out our top recommendations for Vermuterias in Barcelona! 

Jul 18
Coffee in Barcelona

Un café con leche, por favor! Check out our latest blog for insight into the various coffee drinks in Catalunya and tips on how to order a coffee in Barcelona.