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Sep 29
Barcelona International Community Day 2023

Barcelona International Community Day 2023, this event is the main welcome space for international professionals who have just arrived in the city and the benchmark event for all members of the international community who live and work in Barcelona

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Nov 04
How do you prepare your family to move abroad?

How do you prepare your family to move abroad with insights from Lucyna Bolin's expat journey. Discover the highlights and challenges of being an expat family.

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Jan 06
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Stephanie Meagher

Looking for a place to discover and book activities for your kids? Check out, the largest catalogue of kids’ activities in Barcelona, with over 1500 listings from 500 providers.

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Nov 21
Expat Journeys: Zoe Hornby

Read about the expat journey of Zoe Hornby, as she discusses the highlights and struggles of being an expat in Spain, and what life is like in Barcelona.

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