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Category: Entrepreneur

Jan 27
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ann-Sophie Hasslinger

Ann-Sophie from Solana Handmade tells about her own business in Barcelona.

Dec 07
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Graciela Nowenstein

The owner of Eroica Caffé Barcelona where she tells us about her lifestory and her…

Nov 04
How do you prepare your family to move abroad?

Read about the expat journey of Lucyna Bolin, as she discusses the highlights and…

Oct 17
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Juan Carlos Portugal Del Pino

Cardiologist Juan Carlos talks about his relocation to Barcelona and the core values…

Apr 08
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Abbie Hibler

Meet entrepreneur Abbie Hibler, who saw the need for new types of books for kids and…

Mar 24
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Barbara Chaplain

Our latest entrepreneur spotlight covers Wezero. At wezero, we know that zero waste,…

Jan 06
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Stephanie Meagher

Looking for a place to discover and book activities for your kids? Check out,…

Dec 07
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lydia Jane Leeson

Do you have a passion for dance? Or do you simply want to take up a new hobby? Then…

Dec 03
Mirjam Maarleveld, founder of BEL

Meet Mirjam Maarleveld, the founder of Barcelona Expat life. Find out all about why…

Aug 03
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ali Olivier

Entrepreneur Ali Oliver talks about her personal coaching company, helping individuals…