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Category: British

May 27
Nunu Roney

Nunu Roney is a British / Swedish expat living in Barcelona. Why did she move to…

Dec 07
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lydia Jane Leeson

Do you have a passion for dance? Or do you simply want to take up a new hobby? Then…

Nov 21
Expat Journeys: Zoe Hornby

Read about the expat journey of Zoe Hornby, as she discusses the highlights and…

Aug 03
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ali Olivier

Entrepreneur Ali Oliver talks about her personal coaching company, helping individuals…

Jul 21
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chiara Fraser

A new entrepreneur spotlight covering 'Her Roomies', a rental platform in Barcelona…

Sep 09
Age in Spain’s supports Brits with their residency application

Age in Spain’s Residency Helpline helps British Nationals that need to complete their…