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Sep 29
Barcelona International Community Day 2023

Barcelona International Community Day 2023, this event is the main welcome space for international professionals who have just arrived in the city and the benchmark event for all members of the international community who live and work in Barcelona

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Jul 03
La Mercè 2024

La Mercè is one of Barcelona's biggest cultural festivals. Taking place in September, you can't miss the parades, live music, and other fun events that take place during the La Mercè festival.

Jun 15
Can I drink tap water in Barcelona?

We offer a guide to the history and safety of tap water in Barcelona, answering all of your questions about the city's water and the water shortage.

Jun 01
Sant Joan in Barcelona

Sant Joan is one of the biggest celebrations in Catalonia. The feast is meant to celebrate the beginning of summer, the longest day of the year.

Mar 29
The best coworking spaces in Barcelona

In the past years, the amount of coworking spaces in Barcelona has exponentially grown, but what are the best coworking spaces in Barcelona? We have created a list a list for you!

Feb 23
The history of FC Barcelona

How FC Barcelona went from a small, local club to one of the greatest football teams to have ever been.

Jan 27
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ann-Sophie Hasslinger

Ann-Sophie from Solana Handmade tells about her own business in Barcelona.

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Jan 12
Cava in Barcelona

Cava is a very popular Spanish wine that is essential to the Catalan way of life. With over 160 wineries producing and selling cava here in Spain, this wine has a unique history beginning in 1872.

Jan 12
Human Towers in Barcelona 2024

This article goes into depth about the Castellers of Barcelona. This Catalan tradition has been going on for centuries and continues to be one of the most popular events in the city.

Jan 12
Skiing in Catalonia

If you are looking for an affordable skiing holiday then look no further. The Catalonia region has countless ski resorts that are currently in season.