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Category: Barcelona Expat Life

Mar 23
24 Facebook groups for expats in Barcelona

It’s natural for expatriates to gravitate towards each other through Facebook, it is a very powerful source of information among the expats in Barcelona.

Jan 27
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ann-Sophie Hasslinger

Ann-Sophie from Solana Handmade tells about her own business in Barcelona.

  • German
Jan 12
Skiing in Catalonia

If you are looking for an affordable skiing holiday then look no further. The Catalonia region has countless ski resorts that are currently in season.

Dec 16
Italian food in Barcelona

Barcelona is a big multi-cultural city filled with nationalities from all over the world. Many residents are of Italian origin and bringing essential parts of their culture.

Dec 07
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Graciela Nowenstein

The owner of La Fuga Barcelona where she tells us about her lifestory and her Italian restaurant/caffé where you can get drinks and delicious Italian food.

  • Italian
Nov 25
Work in Barcelona! Job Fair

Barcelona Expat Life hosts job fairs throughout the year to help expats and local job-seekers find work in Barcelona with prominent companies.

  • Event
Nov 17
Swedish interior & clothing design in Barcelona

In this article we take a look at how Swedish interior & design changed throughout the years, and where you can find it in Barcelona.

Nov 16
Swedish in Barcelona

Our latest blog for Swedish expats provides statistics on the most popular districts for the Swedish community and gives insight into expat lives.

  • Swedish
Nov 04
How do you prepare your family to move abroad?

How do you prepare your family to move abroad with insights from Lucyna Bolin's expat journey. Discover the highlights and challenges of being an expat family.

  • Polish
Oct 02
Barcelona International Community Day 2022

The Barcelona City Council organises Barcelona International Community Day, an event you really shouldn’t miss as an expat in Barcelona!