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  • S. Lisner
    20 July 2022 at 11:54

    Lexidy prepared my taxes for the past two years.

    Earlier this year, Spanish authorities questioned my 2020 return: their Tax Specialist prepared a response. When I emailed him a subsequent notification, I learned his paternity leave began unexpectedly.

    With only staff member out, this “boutique firm” revealed itself – not with care or quality service.

    The tax specialist’s stand-in, a trainee, ignored two emails requesting help. After four-days, I contacted Managing Director, Joanna Mello. When she did not respond after two more days, I contacted CEO Federico Richardson Alborná. His assurance that the matter would be addressed at the “earliest” was filled by another three days of silence.

    Contacting him again, using “reply all” activated the accounting manager. He informed me the office was understaffed and suggested I handle the matter on my own.  I replied (with copy to the ever mute CEO), suggesting he speak with his boss about customer service and reliability.

    The accountant summarily filed some documents, but failed to make good on his promise to phone the authorities. Silence from the CEO: no apology for his staff’s conduct.

    Another demand has arrived. The tax expert remains on leave. Calls to the Boutique’s CEO Phone go unanswered. Sr. Richardson’s silence could not indicate more clearly, the unimportance of service or concern about the reliability of the firm’s work.

    Run, don’t walk, from Lexidy.

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