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Music Festivals in Barcelona 2024

One of the biggest parts of Spanish and Catalonian culture is the importance of music! From traditional folk and jazz and classical music to more current genres, like EDM, reggaeton, and mainstream pop, music festivals in Barcelona host a plethora of options for music-lovers of all tastes and preferences. 

They are hosted throughout the year, primarily in the spring and summer months, and each one boasts its own unique features. We’ve listed all of the most prominent music festivals in Barcelona, like Sonar Festival and Primavera Sound, including their dates and locations. Read on to find out more that the city has to offer!

Top Music Festivals in Barcelona

Spring Music Festivals in Barcelona

Brunch in the city / Brunch Electronik

If you’re looking for a place to dance, brunch and enjoy the outdoors, the music festival Brunch in the City is the place to be. The festival starts in March and takes place until the beginning of June.


The festival’s purpose is to bring together those who have a big appreciation for electronic music. At the event you will find that there are both Catalan and International artists performing, creating an amazing atmosphere for locals and expats. 


This festival, unlike many others, is family-friendly. For the kids, there is a petit-brunch. This is a great way for children to make new friends. They will also be able to enjoy the outdoors through multiple entertaining activities and workshops. This festival is really beloved in Barcelona, so it is recommended to get your tickets  on time.

Black Music Festival

At the Black Music Festival in Barcelona, you will find an array of different artists and music genres. The name of the festival emphasizes its social importance. This festival is a tribute to the music created by people of colour; something that is often overlooked often and discredited. This is quite astounding, seeing as the majority of the current popular music styles are based on the music created by people of colour in the past. This festival has something for everyone. The music styles range from blues to rap, reggae, dancehall and more.

Barcelona Obertura - Spring Festival & Ciutat de Clàssica

The Obertura Spring Music Festival in Barcelona features over 500 musicians and over 40 concerts taking place all around the city. It is an incredibly diverse music festival, so make sure to check out all the different artists on the festival’s website to see which one you can’t miss out on!

Barcelona Eurovision Party

Every year, to celebrate the beginning of the European singing competition Eurovision, Barcelona hosts its own Eurovision pre-party. This is a part of a pre-party circuit across all of Europe that all of the competing entries in the contest do, where they promote their entry and hone their live performance skills. In 2025, the party will be held in Barcelona on the 27th, 28th, and 29th of March. Eurovision is one of the most exciting events for many locals, and is definitely one to follow!

Primavera Sound

This music festival in Barcelona is hosted annually, and is one of the most prestigious and diverse in the city. The lineup contains something for everyone, including pop, jazz, indie, electro, hip hop, rap, and more. Headliners consist of Kendrick Lamar, Halsey, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Blur, Depeche Mode, Rosalia, and Calvin Harris. The festival was first started in 2001 by music fanatic, Pablo Soler, whose goal was to integrate upcoming artists and acclaimed musicians.

Summer Music Festivals in Barcelona

Share Festival Negrita

This year marks the sixth edition of the Share Festival Negrita! Known for showcasing a wide variety of Latin music genres, this festival draws music fans from all around the world. Tickets start from 45 euros per day, and are on sale on their website now. Hosted at the beautiful Parc del Fòrum, and featuring artists like Myke Towers, JC Reyes, and Aitana, the Share Festival Negrita is worth attending! 

Brunch in the Park

In the summer months, local and international DJ’s play at the hottest music festival in Barcelona – Brunch – In the Park. The event takes place in the Jardins de Joan Brossa at Montjuic, with an amazing view over the city. Every Spring, the Brunch – In the City festival returns to the Poble Espanyol. This is definitely an event you do not want to miss!

Sonar Festival

If you’re an electronic and dance music fan who is wondering what to do in Barcelona in June, attending Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona this June is a must. It is held in two different locations, one at night and the other during the day.

Sonar by day has a variety of activities to offer including everything ranging from live talks to DJ sets to exhibits. Sonar by night has four different stages where attendees can see mind-blowing performances from some of the world’s top DJS. The lineup includes Fever Ray, Bad Gyal, Kitty110, Richie Hawthin, Kyne, and more.

Alma Festival

The Alma, or “Soul,” Festival is an annual open-air summer music festival in Barcelona, hosted in Poble Espanyol in late June and July. The festival is known for its international and eclectic programming, and was rated the Best New Festival at the Iberian Festival Awards in 2024. This year, you’ll find artists such as Hozier, Sheryl Crow, and Alice Cooper headlining the event. Tickets are on sale on their website now, starting at around 60 euros per day. 

Cruïlla Primavera Festival

In peak warm weather and the season of music festivals in Barcelona, Cruïlla Primavera Festival goes from July 10th to July 13th this year, with concerts taking place in Parc de Fòrum. Headliners this year include artists such as Avril Lavigne, The Smashing Pumpkins, Trueno, and more. It is an incredibly diverse music festival, so make sure to check out all the different artists on the festival’s website to see which one you can’t miss out on!

The Jardins Pedralbes Festival

The Jardins Pedralbes Festival is a series of concerts in June and July in Barcelona. Famous musical artists will perform in the open air at one of the most beautiful and biodiverse gardens in the city- the Gardens of the Pedralbes Palace. This opportunity to listen, dance, eat, and drink at one of the best music festivals in Barcelona, while also experiencing it amid a historical gem, is not one to miss.

Barcelona Beach Festival

In light of the amazing Summer beach weather in Barcelona, a series of concerts is annually held right on the beach! The Beach Music Festival in Barcelona hosts some of the biggest electronic music artists in the world including Marshmallow, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Vini Vici, Armin Van Buuren, and more. 

Mas i Mas Festival

If you’re a fan of jazz, soul, funk, blues, flamenco, Afrobeat, or Afro-Cuban music then the Mas i Mas Music Festival in Barcelona is the place for you. This festival originates from a small bar called the Mas i Mas bar. It became an important spot to hang out in Sarria Sant Gervasi with its regular visitors that ranged from DJs and designers to journalists and club managers. From there the company grew and opened up a cafe-restaurant, several nightclubs, and now a festival. This festival embodies the importance of live music and the history of all of these different genres.

Fall Music Festivals in Barcelona

BAM Festival

In celebration of the La Mercè festivities, there is a series of free, outdoor concerts all throughout the city of Barcelona. Not only are the concerts free, there are concerts in every genre of music. From electronic to pop to rock, everyone can find a show for them at Bam Festival!

Barcelona Jazz Festival

The Barcelona Jazz Festival is the oldest musical event in the city with over 50 editions. This festival lights up the city’s sparkle with live music everywhere for several months! Musicians from all over the world join in on the festival and share with us all the different types of jazz music. Aside from live performances, there are also lectures and master classes to attend.

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