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As a media partner of the Work in Barcelona! Job Fair, you also gain the advantage of providing your community with opportunities to forge meaningful connections, explore job opportunities, secure internships, and access information about paperwork and more. Seize this excellent opportunity to offer a valuable experience to your community!

Work in Barcelona! Job Fair - Wednesday the 15th of May 2024

Barcelona Expat Life facilitates connections between job seekers and leading recruiters at various annual career events, with the 9th edition taking place on May 15th.


The Work in Barcelona! Job Fair caters to individuals seeking job positions in their native language, encompassing various skills and interests. Attendees at these events have the opportunity to interact with industry leaders in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere located in the heart of Barcelona, to keep it easily accessible.


We are excited to reunite 3.000 job seekers with talent seekers from 30 organisations, fostering an understanding of company cultures and enabling individuals to showcase their skills in person.


The event is free of entry for job seekers.


The job fair is simple but effective: companies set up booths, visitors explore opportunities, talk to recruiters, and connect in a lively networking space. Our various media partners are key—they promote the event in their communities, boosting attendance and ensuring a diverse mix of participants.

Work in Barcelona! Job Fair

Work in Barcelona! Job Fair: job seekers

Our job seekers come from various backgrounds, such as locals, internationals and students searching for jobs or internships.


We also make a special effort to attract candidates fluent in Dutch, German, French and Nordic languages, as these are in high demand in Barcelona’s job market. We have a strong connection with the Dutch community due to our Dutch roots, ensuring a consistent presence of Dutch job candidates.


Our events primarily attract young talents aged 25 to 45 looking for a junior or mid-level position.


Our events are particularly beneficial for job seekers, offering a platform to enter the job market, connect with the community, and access support during stressful processes.


Positive feedback from participants emphasises the event’s success in connecting with people and promoting brands.


To register, participants simply need to fill out an Eventbrite form, providing consent for photography and videography. To respect privacy, attendee data is not shared with participating companies without explicit consent.


Tickets for job seekers will be on sale for free starting March 15th.

”Thanks for organising yesterdays job fair. Met lots of people from different places and with diverse experience. Keep up the good work.”


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to change a time slot ?

We set up time slots to prevent excessive crowding and an overwhelming number of visitors simultaneously. It’s great if you can stick to the time you picked, but if something comes up and you can’t make it, you’re welcome to come a bit earlier or later. We’re flexible!

Is it necessary to bring a CV?

Work in Barcelona! Job Fair is an informal event, which means it’s a relaxed atmosphere and no rules to follow. You can choose whether you would like to bring your CV or not. Of course, it can be a plus to hand it in during the job fair.

What are the next steps after the event?

After the event, we advise you to reach out to the people you’ve met during the job fair, that’s why it is crucial to make sure you exchange contact details during the job fair to be able to keep in touch. Sending them an email or a LinkedIn invite is a good way to remind them of what you can bring.

What happens if I don’t find a job during the job fair?

No need to worry! We regularly update our website with numerous job vacancies. You can also upload your CV, and we’ll help match you with relevant opportunities. Take your time—we’re here to support your job search journey!

Can students find internships at the event?

Yes, students will have possibilities to find internship opportunities during the job fair.

Is the event free of entry?

Yes, the event is 100% free! Booking a ticket is simply required to prevent overcrowding and to obtain your consent for photography during the event.

Will there be any parking facilities available?

You can find parking facilities if you’re coming from Aribau Street, you can turn right onto Rosselló Street and explore private parking lots on Enric Granadós or the surrounding streets in that area!

Is it easily accessible by public transports?

You can reach the venue by bus using lines 67, 7, H10, and V13, which all stop on Rosselló Street. The nearest metro stations are on the L3, L5, and L7 lines, operated by the Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona, along with the S7 line of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Work in Barcelona! Job Fair: exhibitors

”The venue was full, we had a chance to meet quite a lot of people, and share our brand with the world. We would repeat the event in a heartbeat!”

At our job fairs, you’ll find a diverse mix of 30 companies, including multinational corporations, start-ups and recruitment agencies offering junior to mid-level positions.


There are also dedicated booths to assist newcomers with paperwork and city adjustments.


Various employment sectors are represented, such as sales & marketing, customer support, translation, travel & tourism, HR & recruitment, finance & accounting and IT & tech.


Our job fair presents a fantastic opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide, including locals, international participants, students, and more – and all of that in one dynamic event! Beyond aiding in recruitment, the job fairs also serve as a platform for companies to showcase their mission and brand. In-person events provide a unique chance to highlight company culture in a way that surpasses the limitations of a computer screen.


Our next event will take place on Wednesday May 15th. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to discuss collaboration opportunities.

FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

How can our organisation participate as an exhibitor?

To participate as an exhibitor, please contact us via this link or send an email to for any additional information

What are the benefits of exhibiting at the job fair?

Exhibiting at the job fair provides your company with a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse pool of internationally talented individuals actively seeking employment. It offers you direct interaction, brand exposure, and potential recruitment of skilled professionals.

We are not hiring, we provide services to internationals in Barcelona, is it possible to participate?

Certainly! There are dedicated booths available to assist newcomers with paperwork and adjusting to the city. Our exhibitor packages are also suitable for companies providing services to the international community.

What is the cost of exhibiting, and what is included in the package?

You will find more information about our packages for exhibitors in our brochure. If you require something specific or you would like to discuss other collaboration opportunities, we are always open to creating a customised solution to best suit your needs.

Can we customise our booth space?

Consider hosting interactive activities, providing informational materials, and showcasing your company culture. Engaging displays, promotional materials, and approachable staff members can make your booth more attractive to job seekers.

Is there a limit to the number of representatives per booth?

No, there is no limit to the number of representatives per booth. Feel free to bring the team members necessary to engage with potential candidates effectively.

How can we promote our participation in the job fair?

Promote your participation on social media, newsletters and other communication channels. Use the official event hashtag (#workbarcelona) and share information about any exclusive opportunities or activities your organisation will offer during the job fair.

Will there be any food and beverages provided?

Lunch will not be provided. We advise exhibitors to coordinate lunch breaks among their staff to ensure booth coverage.

Work in Barcelona! Job Fair: media partners

We value partnerships with:

  • business schools
  • universities
  • media and
  • (international) communities,

allowing us to reach diverse audiences and tailor our marketing approach to suit participating companies’ needs.


Through a mutually beneficial exchange, media partners will spearhead promotional campaigns within their communities, driving attendance and ensuring a diverse and vibrant mix of participants.


In return for their invaluable support, our event media partners will enjoy visibility across our extensive social media platform, which not only reinforces their commitment to community engagement but also enhances their brand exposure within our ever growing audience.


As a media partner, you also gain the advantage of providing your community with opportunities to forge meaningful connections, explore job opportunities, secure internships, and access information about paperwork and more.


Seize this excellent opportunity to offer a valuable experience to your community!

As we embark on this exciting venture, the role of our media partners is not just promotional; it’s about creating an experience. Together, we are not just hosting a job fair; we are shaping opportunities and fostering connections.


Barcelona Expat Life welcomes the collaboration of media partners to ensure that this edition in May surpasses expectations, leaving a lasting impression on the diverse and dynamic community we proudly serve.


Our next event will take place on Wednesday May 15th. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to discuss collaboration opportunities.

FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

How can media partners benefit from the collaboration?

Media partners enjoy visibility across our social media platforms, reinforcing their commitment to our international community engagement. This reciprocal relationship enhances brand exposure within our ever-growing audience, creating a win-win scenario for both parties.You also gain the advantage of providing your community with opportunities to forge meaningful connections, explore job opportunities, secure internships, and access information about paperwork and more.

How have media partnerships impacted previous editions of the job fair?

Media partnerships have significantly driven attendance and enhanced the overall experience at our events, creating a vibrant and diverse gathering with all of their communities.

How can we participate in the Work in Barcelona! Job Fair 2024?

To get involved, simply reach out to us via this link. We’re looking forward to working together to make the event a success!

Is it free of charge to become an event media partner?

Yes, being an event media partner is 100% free of charge.

What is the cost to attend the event as a job seeker?

The event is free of charge for job seekers.

How can we share your event with our community?

Feel free to spread the word about our job fair in any way you find effective – be it through emails, social media, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, videos, blogs, or community forums. Your diverse approach is key to reaching a broader audience, and we appreciate your unique contribution to making the Work in Barcelona! Job Fair 2024 a resounding success.

Work in Barcelona Job Fair - 15th of May 2024



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