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Living in Barcelona

Week 4: Living in Barcelona

For the entire month of May in 2022, we organised the Work in Barcelona! month (sponsored by Telus International AI Data Solutions).


You are currently reading our final blog closing the month. After reading the first three blogs, you probably still have some questions. This week we hope to help you with all those unanswered questions.


This month was all about providing you with the ultimate guide to working in Barcelona. We dived into a different topic every week.


We shared our best tips on improving your employability through CV writing and your social media presence. Furthermore, we discussed how the Spanish work culture works, what kind of paperwork and documents you’ll need and lastly, living in Barcelona.


In this week’s blog, we closed the month diving into everything that comes with living in Barcelona apart from work! Are you wondering how to establish a social life? Do you want to know the most common mistakes in learning Spanish? Or are you struggling to find accommodation in Barcelona?


To help prepare you for this incredible journey of living abroad, we have provided you with all the necessary information and tips for living in Barcelona. Ranging from the differences in private and public healthcare in Spain to the costs of living in Barcelona.


Do you want to know all the best tips for everything related to living in Barcelona? Then keep on reading!

This blog is sponsored by Webfleet Solutions.



Monday, May 23th - Cost of living

So you’ve decided to move to Barcelona, the city that has it all, but there’s still one question on your mind… ‘How expensive is it to live here?’


The overall cost of living in Barcelona is considered lower than in other big cities in Europe. Generally, living costs in Barcelona are reasonable, though, your cost of living will depend on your lifestyle. We’ve collected some helpful information in the blog below, that can provide a reliable indication of the average costs of the day-to-day things you will need to spend in the Catalan capital.

Tuesday, May 24th - How to find an apartment in Barcelona

Looking for housing in Barcelona can be challenging, and it is important to consider that there’s a possibility of getting scammed if you’re not careful.

Having a nice, quiet apartment where you feel at home is important when you live in a city that never sleeps! So, where can you find good apartments in Barcelona? Take a look at our blog for more information.

Wednesday, May 25th - Differences between private and public healthcare

If you are an expat living in Spain, it can be challenging to get your head around a different health system, and even more so if you don’t speak Spanish or Catalan. 


The Spanish healthcare system is ranked among the best in the world and consists of both public and private healthcare, with some hospitals and healthcare centres (centros de salud) offering both in the same place. You can read the differences in the blog below.

Thursday, May 26th - How to build a social life 

We often get questions like these, “Is it difficult to meet new people in Barcelona?” and “Where can I find friends?”


Finding friends is not always easy when living abroad. It can make you feel sad and alone. Luckily, the Catalan capital offers many opportunities to meet new people.

Common mistakes learning Spanish

Do you think you know the most common mistakes students make when learning Spanish? And more importantly, are you making them yourself?


Learning another language is tricky, and you are bound to make mistakes. However, there are a few that everyone seems to stumble over at least once. With the expertise of Camino language school, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes that students make when learning Spanish, along with some tips about how you might avoid them yourself! 

Friday, May 27th - Getting around in Barcelona

What are the different modes of transport in Barcelona?


Barcelona has a wide range of high-quality public and private transport, connecting all neighborhoods in the city and the surrounding areas. Read more about this topic in the blog below.


The 24th of May we organized the Work in Barcelona! Job Fair. This time we tried taking a different approach. We talked business but in a casual setting, at the beach bar: Club Soda!


The fair was the perfect opportunity for everyone looking for or interested in working in Barcelona to explore the job opportunities in Barcelona! At the fair several recruitment agencies attended, but also companies focused on helping expats with anything related to starting work life in Barcelona!

Living in Barcelona
Living in Barcelona
Living in Barcelona

This weeks sponsor: Webfleet Solutions

We are happy to announce that Webfleet Solutions is the sponsor for week 4 – Living in Barcelona of the first edition of Work in Barcelona! month.

Webfleet Solutions, known as TomTom Telematics until October 1st 2019, is one of the world’s leading telematics solution providers, dedicated to fleet management and connected car services. With the Software-as-a-Service solution WEBFLEET they are helping more than 50,000 customers worldwide to increase their fleet efficiency by improving vehicle and fleet performance, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. Their Barcelona office is located in the business district close to the beach. What makes the company a great place to work is its open and friendly atmosphere, international flair and exciting challenges that offer room for personal development. 

You can speak to recruiters from the company in person at the Work in Barcelona! Job Fair!

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