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June in Barcelona

June in Barcelona; what to do?

If you are looking for long days of sunny summer weather, buzzing streets, and plenty of festivities, June in Barcelona may be the time and place for you. Beyond the bustling Barceloneta Beach and heightened nightlife, there are many events to attend to ensure you’re a part of the fun this month.

Events and activities in June in Barcelona

Bank holidays

Formula 1

Sunday the 4th of June, Formula 1 is returning to Barcelona in June for the Spanish Grand Prix. Practice rounds start on the 2nd, with qualifications taking place on the 3rd. All around the city, fans of the sport are celebrating the race. Every year, Martini presents their exclusive and chic terrace in Port Vell, known as ‘Terrazza Martini’. There are also many nice sports bars around the city to have a drink and watch the race with other Formula 1 fans.


Feast of Sant Joan

One special weekend to spend in June in Barcelona is the Festival of Sant Joan. As a celebration of the start of summer, the festivities begin the evening prior to the bank holiday. Bonfires and fireworks light up the streets from the shortest night of the year, June 23rd, to the longest day of the year, June 24th to celebrate the summer solstice.

Corpus Christi

With the beginning of June in Barcelona comes one of the most historical, special Catalan events. The festival was established by the Catholic Church and has been celebrated in Barcelona for 700 years. Sixty days after Easter, this year falling on Thursday, June 8th, the holiday is celebrated. But, events and celebrations can last all week. See the programme of events to find out more about Corpus Christie celebrations this year.

June in Barcelona
June in Barcelona

Each year, taking place at some of the most iconic buildings in Barcelona, there are concerts, dances, talks, parades, flower explosions, and many more celebratory events. The three main elements of Corpus Christie celebrations are the procession, the dancing egg, and the ephemeral carpets. 


 The procession is a famous parade that has been happening annually in Barcelona since 1320 to celebrate the festival. The parade consists of Giants of the City, Àliga, the Lleó, the Bou, dances, music, and more. The dancing of the egg is when eggs are thrown from gardens decorated with flowers and cherries into water and are made to dance. Throughout the city you will find Ephemeral carpets, which are grass carpets decorated with flowers, coffee grounds, and seeds. The carpets are meant to symbolise different religious and local themes.

Pride Month

The LGBTI community is celebrated all over the world for Pride Month. Pride and LGBTI celebration is very important in Barcelona, so there are many events that take place in both June and July to honour the community.


In June in Barcelona, there is an array of events known as “Neighbourhood Pride”, organised by Barcelona’s LGBTI Centre and the Catalan Platform of LGBTI Organisations. The events consist of over 100 art-related events and activities including concerts, storytelling exhibitions, guided walks, drag workshops, and more. See the full programme of events here


Primavera Sound

Barcelona annually hosts one of the most prestigious and diverse music festivals. The Primavera Sound, translating to ‘Spring Sounds’, takes place internationally in locations all across Europe and South America. The festival kicks off in June in Barcelona, going from May 31st to June 4th.


The venue sets it apart to others, taking place in the beautiful and urban landscape of Parc del Fòrum. The lineup contains something for everyone including pop, jazz, indie, electro, hip hop, rap, and more. Headliners consist of Kendrick Lamar, Halsey, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Blur, Depeche Mode, Rosalia, and Calvin Harris. The festival was first started in 2001 by music fanatic, Pablo Soler, whose goal was to integrate upcoming artists and acclaimed musicians.

Dinner with the Stars | 'Sopars amb Estrelles'

Exclusively offered during the summer months, starting in June in Barcelona, Dinner with the Stars begins with a meal at dusk at the terrace of the Fabra Observatory. The menu is included in the ticket price when you book a date beforehand. An evening at this event includes a special viewpoint of Barcelona as well as access to the astronomical observatory museum, the Noucentista hall, and the meridian telescope. In thedome of the observatory, you can observe planets and star constellations in most of the Solar System through one of the oldest and largest telescopes in Europe.

Sonar Festival

If you’re an electronic and dance music fan who is wondering what to do in Barcelona in June, attending Sonar Festival this June in Barcelona is a must. The festival starts on the 15th of June and ends on the 17th of June. It is held in two different locations, one at night and the other during the day.


Sonar by day takes place in the city centre in Fira Montjuïc combining music with elements of art. It is centred around the Barcelona Museum of contemporary art and the Centre of Contemporary Culture. Sonar by day has a variety of activities to offer including everything ranging from live talks to DJ sets to exhibits. Sonar by night is farther away from the heart of the city located in Fira Gran Via L’Hospitalet. It has four different stages where attendees can see mind-blowing performances from some of the world’s top DJS. The lineup includes Fever Ray, Bad Gyal, Kitty110, Richie Hawthin, Kyne, and more.

Rooftop nights

June in Barcelona is the perfect month for evening activities. Another amazing activity is the magic night concert at Casa Batllo or La Pedrera; some of the most iconic architecture in the city. Whether you are with a friend or on a date, this will be an experience that you will never forget. Read more about the yearly organised Rooftop Week’ in Barcelona!

Brunch in the city

If you’re looking for a place to dance, brunch and enjoy the outdoors, the music festival Brunch in the City is the place to be. The festival starts in March and takes place until the beginning of June in Barcelona. This year the festival won’t only take place at Plaza Mayor, but also at Parc del Fòrum and TNC Come.


The festival’s purpose is to bring together those who have a big appreciation for electronic music. At the event you will find that there are both Catalan and International artists performing, creating an amazing atmosphere for locals and expats. This festival, unlike many others, is family-friendly. For the kids, there is a petit-brunch. This is a great way for children to make new friends. They will also be able to enjoy the outdoors through multiple entertaining activities and workshops. This festival is really beloved in Barcelona, so it is recommended to get your tickets  on time.


Tast a la Rambla

To kick off the month of June in Barcelona, the ‘Tast a la Rambla’ festival is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the gastronomy of Barcelona. From June 8th to 11th in the Santa Mònica section of La Rambla, this outdoor festival offers tastes of traditional and signature cuisine from some of the best restaurants and chefs in the city.


In addition, activities like musical performances, culinary workshops, and demonstrations and cocktail pairings make this event hard to miss. Access to the event is free, but you can purchase tokens at the ticket offices to pay for tapas, pastries, and drinks. If you’re a foodie or trying to get to know the culture, ‘Tast a la Rambla’ is an easy way to explore the many flavours Barcelona has to offer.


Montserrat Day Trip

One peaceful way to enjoy June in Barcelona is a day trip to the multi-peaked mountain range, Montserrat. A cogwheel train carries visitors up the scenic mountainside to a mediaeval monastery, the Benedictine Monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat. This day trip entails locally-led tours about the history of Montserrat Abbey, followed by optional wine tastings, tapas, and lunch at a winery. Those looking to relax or deepen their understanding of Catalan tradition will enjoy their experience at Montserrat.

Moco Museum Barcelona

The Moco Museum, which coined its name from its collection of modern, contemporary, and street art, proudly welcomes a wide-ranging audience to visit and reflect on today’s society. This museum features international artists like Banksy, Guillermo Lorca, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, and more. ThisJune, the Moco Museum presents a mix of magic and realism through Esplendor de la Noche, the first European solo show from the Chilean artist Guillermo Lorca. Located between Museu Picasso and Santa Maria del Mar, the Moco Museum displays the globally influenced and diverse art scene in Barcelona.

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