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June in Barcelona

Activities and events in June in Barcelona

If you are looking for long days of sunny summer weather, buzzing streets, and plenty of festivities, June in Barcelona may be the time and place for you. Beyond the bustling Barceloneta Beach and heightened nightlife, there are many events to attend to ensure you’re a part of the fun this month.

Events and activities in June in Barcelona

June in Barcelona: Bank holidays & celebrations

Feast of Sant Joan

One special weekend to spend in June in Barcelona is the Festival of Sant Joan. As a celebration of the start of summer, the festivities begin the evening prior to the bank holiday. Bonfires and fireworks light up the streets from the shortest night of the year, June 23rd, to the longest day of the year, June 24th to celebrate the summer solstice.

Pride Month

The LGBTI community is celebrated all over the world for Pride Month. Pride and LGBTI celebration is very important in Barcelona, so there are many events that take place in both June and July to honour the community.


In June in Barcelona, there is an array of events known as “Neighbourhood Pride”, organised by Barcelona’s LGBTI Centre and the Catalan Platform of LGBTI Organisations. The events consist of over 100 art-related events and activities including concerts, storytelling exhibitions, guided walks, drag workshops, and more. See the full programme of events here

June in Barcelona: events

Outdoor film festivals

Barcelona has some of the best weather, especially in the summer, due to its location right on the sea, and there’s nothing better to do on a mild summer night than attend an out-door film festival. In some of the most beautiful places across Barcelona, you can watch up and coming films from around the world and experience the city under the stars. Check out some of the best open-air film festivals in Barcelona via the link below!

Music festivals

One of the biggest parts of Spanish and Catalonian culture is the importance of music! From traditional folk and jazz and classical music to more current genres, like EDM, reggaeton, and mainstream pop, music festivals in Barcelona host a plethora of options for music-lovers of all tastes and preferences. 


They are hosted throughout the year, primarily in the spring and summer months, and each one boasts its own unique features. We’ve listed all of the most prominent music festivals in Barcelona, like Sonar Festival and Primavera Sound, including their dates and locations. 

Food festivals in Barcelona

One of the biggest parts of Catalonian culture is the food! From Calçots to Cava and Vermut (Vermouth) to all of the other wonderful foods Barcelona has to offer, there is no shortage of new things to try, and a food festival in Barcelona is the perfect place to try them. We’ve detailed a comprehensive list of all the food markets and festivals in the city in each month below- check them out!

Festa Major

Barcelona is a city of celebration. It feels as if there is always a festival or holiday or parade to find, full of passion and joy and rich with cultural elements. From human towers to giants to traditional Catalan and Spanish music, the street and neighbourhood festivals in Barcelona are no exception. Most taking place in late summer and fall, a signature Festa Major in Barcelona is hosted by each neighbourhood for its residents. Each Festa Major in Barcelona is unique and definitely worth experiencing. Check out the comprehensive list below!

Formula 1 in Barcelona

Sunday the 4th of June, Formula 1 is returning to Barcelona in June for the Spanish Grand Prix. Practice rounds start on the 2nd, with qualifications taking place on the 3rd. All around the city, fans of the sport are celebrating the race. Every year, Martini presents their exclusive and chic terrace in Port Vell, known as ‘Terrazza Martini’. There are also many nice sports bars around the city to have a drink and watch the race with other Formula 1 fans.

Rooftop nights

June in Barcelona is the perfect month for evening activities. Another amazing activity is the magic night concert at Casa Batllo or La Pedrera; some of the most iconic architecture in the city. Whether you are with a friend or on a date, this will be an experience that you will never forget. Read more about the yearly organised Rooftop Week’ in Barcelona!

Festival Grec 2024



Montserrat Day Trip

One peaceful way to enjoy June in Barcelona is a day trip to the multi-peaked mountain range, Montserrat. A cogwheel train carries visitors up the scenic mountainside to a mediaeval monastery, the Benedictine Monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat. This day trip entails locally-led tours about the history of Montserrat Abbey, followed by optional wine tastings, tapas, and lunch at a winery. Those looking to relax or deepen their understanding of Catalan tradition will enjoy their experience at Montserrat.

Dinner with the Stars 'Sopars amb Estrelles'

Exclusively offered during the summer months, starting in June in Barcelona, Dinner with the Stars begins with a meal at dusk at the terrace of the Fabra Observatory. The menu is included in the ticket price when you book a date beforehand. An evening at this event includes a special viewpoint of Barcelona as well as access to the astronomical observatory museum, the Noucentista hall, and the meridian telescope. In thedome of the observatory, you can observe planets and star constellations in most of the Solar System through one of the oldest and largest telescopes in Europe.

Moco Museum Barcelona

The Moco Museum, which coined its name from its collection of modern, contemporary, and street art, proudly welcomes a wide-ranging audience to visit and reflect on today’s society. This museum features international artists like Banksy, Guillermo Lorca, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, and more. ThisJune, the Moco Museum presents a mix of magic and realism through Esplendor de la Noche, the first European solo show from the Chilean artist Guillermo Lorca. Located between Museu Picasso and Santa Maria del Mar, the Moco Museum displays the globally influenced and diverse art scene in Barcelona.

Other events in June in Barcelona

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