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7 Reasons why you should do an internship in Barcelona

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Barcelona the perfect place for an internship abroad

In this blog AE Internships is sharing 7 reasons why Barcelona is the best city for an internship. Among tourists, this second largest city of Spain is very popular. However, living in Barcelona cannot be compared with a city trip where you visit many sights in a short time. Barcelona is a city that has many advantages; you will end up feeling like a real local.


We start with the great advantage that not one but two languages are spoken in this city. When you do an internship in Barcelona, you will have to deal with the Spanish language anyway. However, Barcelona is a metropolis, so your colleagues do not necessarily have to speak Spanish. Besides, English is spoken everywhere in this city by the many tourists and expats. But while you are there, you have the perfect opportunity to work on your Spanish. After all, Spanish is a world language. Besides the traditional Spanish, Catalan is also spoken, which may sound strange at first but is very similar to Spanish and French.


Barcelona is known as a city with a lovely Mediterranean climate, sultry summers and mild winters. The hottest months are July and August, when it can get really hot. Fortunately, Barcelona has a lovely beach at the coast, so there will be a sea breeze regularly. Winters are mild and the average temperature will be around 13 degrees. It is often possible to swim in the sea until November, because the water still has a lovely temperature. The weather in Barcelona during these winter months can certainly be surprising. The sun often comes through and before you know it you are sitting in the sun on the beach in December.

Public transport

This metropolis has a large metro network. In addition, there are many trains that also go to other cities in Spain. The buses and trams are also easy to take. As a student it is smart and cheap to buy a 90 days card. This is a personal public transport card and you can make unlimited use of all the public transport in the city. Furthermore, Barcelona is a real cycling city, the city has an extensive network of bicycle lanes.


Barcelona is centrally located and from here you can make many nice weekend trips to other cities or towns. The airport El Prat is 15 km away and the high-speed trains bring you to many nice cities. Nearby are the beautiful cities of Valencia, Girona and Tarragona, really worth a visit. There are also nice little places to visit such as Sitges and Calella. Furthermore, it is worth it to visit the Pyrenees Mountains for a fantastic view.


Barcelona is not a coincidence that the city has a nice combination of sights, culture, beach and nature. When you've lived in the city for a while, you've seen all the hotspots, but it remains special to visit the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and Tibidabo. Whether it is for yourself or for family and friends who come to visit you.


The Catalans love good food. Barcelona is bursting with restaurants, tapas bars and beach bars. Barcelona is situated by the sea, so there is no lack of fish on the menu. Calamari, paella, it is delicious. The real specialized fish restaurants are located at the port of Port Vell and Port Olympic.

There are also many tapas bars, so here you can taste different variations of Catalan cuisine. Do not forget to discover the mercados such as the Mercat de La Boqueria. Really a typical Spanish atmosphere where you can try the most delicious tapas and wines for little money. Barcelona also has many trendy brunch bars where you can enjoy smoothies and bowls.


It is true that they say the nightlife of Barcelona is really buzzing. It is so diverse and hip and there is something for everyone. At the boulevard you can find big clubs like Shoko, Opium and Carpe Diem. International DJs and artists often come here. Furthermore, there are also smaller clubs spread throughout the city. In Barcelona, it does not matter if you go out during the week or on the weekend, there is always a party going on. 😉

In short, Barcelona. Are you already convinced about your internship in Barcelona, do you want to know more about this destination or do you want to apply for an internship? Signing up is without any obligations, we will contact you within one working day.

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