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How you can help Ukraine in Barcelona

Help Ukraine

In these unprecedented and disheartening times, it is very understandable to feel somewhat lost and powerless with regard to how we can help from afar. Though Ukraine is over 3.000 kilometres from Barcelona, the situation is one that affects us all. It is difficult to find legitimate sources of information about how to help Ukrainians. We’re hoping that with this blog (that we’ll update regularly) we are able to provide the information that people are seeking or inform those who are unaware that they can be of help in different ways. For additional information, please consult the website of the municipality of Barcelona.

Support for refugees


The Barcelona Social Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (CUESB) has been providing assistance to Ukrainians in the city and local residents of Ukrainian descent since the outbreak of the war. If you are a Ukrainian citizen in Barcelona and want immediate assistance, dial 900 703 030. For more guidance and information on international protection, one can reach out to SAIER (Care Service for Immigrants, Emigrants, and Refugees).


The first thing one can do is donate to an organisation that is providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine. These are just some of the charities that you are able to donate to safely. These charities are able to provide help in the most efficient and safe way.

International Red Cross

Although the International Red Cross has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, the country currently requires humanitarian assistance more than ever. The International Red Cross does not only give medical equipment and emergency preparation to hospitals and primary healthcare facilities, but they also supply clean water, food, and other necessities. They can also use the funds to assist Ukrainians in repairing their homes and water stations. As well as assisting in bringing families back together who have been separated due to the conflict.

United Help Ukraine

A non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing medical supplies, humanitarian relief, and assistance to individuals who have been injured and their families.


Wherever possible, UNHCR collaborates with authorities, UN agencies, internally displaced community groups, and partners to offer humanitarian assistance. They are focused on finding the best ways to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable.

CARE International

CARE has teamed up with 'People in Need' to give immediate help to those in Ukraine who have been affected by the situation.


Caritas Ukraine has assisted roughly 826 500 persons affected by the humanitarian situation since the conflict began in 2014. Its work is especially important for the most vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly and children, who are helped even in crisis zones.

Donating essential supplies

The Ukrainian community in Barcelona has set up collection points across the city for food donations and other materials, which they will send to Ukraine via the Ukrainian Consulate.

What kind of medicine?


Not all of the medicine mentioned below can be found in Spain. If you are unsure about what to donate, ask someone at the pharmacy to help you out.


  • Painkillers
  • Decompression needles 30
  • Turniket 75 pcs
  • Anti-burning
  • 20 pcs of hemostatic
  • Nephopam (analgesic)
  • Catheters (venflon) 18G, 20G
  • Cooling bags/ spray
  • Thermal blankets 20
  • Atramatic scissors 20
  • Oclusive bandage (Hallo, Chest seal) x 40
  • Abdominal bandage x 12
  • Rims 6 x 36
  • Set for conicotomy x 5
  • Tire x 20 pcs
  • Knotless turniquet x2
  • Body difference 100 ml x 20 pcs 200 ml x 10
  • Insuline type 1 diabetes

As a global citizen, it is important to stand up for what one believes in. What is happening in Ukraine, is not just a Ukrainian and Russian issue. It is very clearly a global one. Therefore, joining the Ukrainians in their protest again the inhumane actions of Russia is a good way of showing one’s support. It is crucial to let Ukrainians know and feel that we are with them and that we are doing our very best to look after them. It is also a clear statement that says that we will not tolerate this happening in our world. We will not stand by and watch as these innocent people are being attacked. There have already been multiple marches and protests in Barcelona recently. However, as the situation is worsening it is important to keep protesting, to keep fighting, to keep supporting Ukraine. People are now gathering every single day after 18.00 at Placa de Catalunya to protest.


For more information about the protest, you can join a WhatsApp group that gives updates on the protests that are taking place with regard to Ukraine.

Many of us are overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available to us online. Especially, since there is a lot of misinformation being spread around. This makes it difficult to know what the situation is like. Therefore, we need to be very cautious when consuming media, but also when sharing information about the situation in Ukraine and the politics surrounding the issue. Make sure to always check whether the source looks and sounds right and whether the source is likely to be reliable or not. There is a checklist that one can also use to help with making a decision on whether the information presented is solid.

While this is not an option for many, you can be of tremendous help by providing accommodation to Ukrainian refugees. To do so, you can register at, a website that helps people who seek shelter with a home. Furthermore, you can also send an email to when interested in offering refugee shelter or volunteering. You will then be provided with instructions on how to accomplish this in the most efficient manner possible.


You can also post a message in one of the following Facebook groups:


Acogida de ucranianos en España/ Прийом

This public Facebook group is specifically for hosting Ukrainians that arrive in Spain.


Accommodation, Help & Shelter for Ukraine

This public Facebook group is a general one and might be easier to communicate with for internationals who do not speak Spanish.


Help + Transport Ukraine PL/UA /Pomoc Ukrainy/

This private Facebook group has been made with the purpose of connecting and aiding those who are affected by the atrocities  in Ukraine.

Another option is to provide accommodation through Stay the Night. Stay the Night, in collaboration with BudgetTraveller, has started a hospitality campaign to assist Ukrainian refugees in finding housing. Hotels, hostels, and other lodging providers are being urged to welcome Ukrainian migrants as part of the campaign. Companies can sign up to be included in a database that will be published on a dedicated portal and shared with organizations that help refugees on the ground.

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