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German Week Recap

In our first edition of the ‘Barcelona Expat Life’s German Week!’, we touched upon CV differences, living and working in Barcelona as a German, expat stories, and job positions for German speakers.


We are happy that Computacenter was the main sponsor of the first edition of the German Week. Check out the job offers of Computacenter by clicking on this link!


German Week Recap



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Do you want to read more about the experience of Germans in Barcelona? Or are you curious about the differences between a German and a Spanish CV? Barcelona Expat Life has organised the German Week. Read the week recap here.

Deutscher Blog: 12-Schritte-Checkliste für Auswanderer in Barcelona

Mit der 12-Schritte-Checkliste für Auswanderer in BCN wird der Umzug nach Barcelona weniger stressig.

The German community in Barcelona

Want to get involved in the German community within Barcelona? We’ve put together a list of the best options for German child care services, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, churches, communities, and news papers in Barcelona. Use these spots to explore the city and connect with expats of your own nationality!


Read the stories of fellow expats, gain invaluable tips and insight into life in Barcelona on our website. Help others by sharing your story too!

Our latest entrepreneur spotlight covers BodyWorxHub, a high energy social fitness crew, dedicated to one mission: “Making sports empowering and fun for everyone!”.

Read all about ‘working whilst studying’ in Barcelona. German Masters student Riekje fills us in on the pros and cons of working alongside studying.

Hilfreiche Information für Deutschsprachige in Barcelona. Finde Deutsche Jobs, Deutschsprachige Gesundheitsfachleute & hilfreiche Adressen für Deutschsprachige in Barcelona.

Unser neuester Blog für Deutsche bietet Statistiken über die Deutsche Gemeinschaft von Barcelona.

Jobs for German speakers

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