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French food in Barcelona: best French restaurants in Barcelona

French food in Barcelona: What are the best French restaurants in Barcelona?

Welcome to French week here at Barcelona Expat Life! If you are a fan of French cuisine like we are, then you are definitely in the right place. This blog post is all about giving our expats some insight on some of the best French restaurants in the city. Let’s go!

Pastisseria Mervier Canal

First off of course, we have to mention the Pastisseria Canal Bakery. They won for the third time this year the Best Artisan Butter Croissant in Barcelona. How cool is that? Definitely highly recommended! And they also have croissants filled with crema catalana, chocolate, hazelnut or coffee. That sounds delicious right?

La Dama Restaurant

At La Dama restaurant, not only is the food amazing but also the building is insane. La Dama restaurant is located in Casa Sayrach and the owner of the building Manuel Sayrach was able to collaborate with his son Gabriel Borrel on the design of the building. Besides the building being exquisite, the food is also one to talk about. This menu is French inspired with great quality but a little more pricey. The menu has great options for sharing (the grilled octopus is definitely worth trying). Tip: take a look at their website, the drawing is amazing.

Restaurant Chez Coco

Chez Coco is also a restaurant that’s worth trying. It’s an elaborate brasserie where the chicken dish is their specialty and they also have great appetizers as well. The food is mostly for sharing but you can also order side dishes in addition to the chicken. They have a very beautiful terrace to sit outside and enjoy food and drinks with friends and family. For dessert don’t miss out on the chocolate coco, it is heavenly.


You probably know that France is known for their crepes, but have you heard of the crepes of Krampus? If you haven’t, I would definitely make a reservation. Krampus is a local restaurant just a little further into town and is located in the Gracia neighborhood. They have different types of crepes and the crepes are gluten-free. How nice!

En aparté

En aparté is located in born near the Sante Pere de Puelles. People call it “a little piece of France in Barcelona”. They have a warm atmosphere for any time of day. So if you are looking for traditional french dinner and wine this is the place to be. The sommelier has a lot of knowledge about which wines to pair with your meal, so don’t be afraid to ask him for recommendations! The homemade desserts that they serve are also amazing. Go check it out!

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