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Castellers - the human towers of barcelona

The tradition of building human towers in Catalonia, more commonly known as ‘Castellers’, has existed for over 200 years. The Castellers perform their tower building during the main parts of larger festivals, such as La Mercè. 

Human Towers in Barcelona
Events Calendar Barcelona

Public holidays

The first thing to know about bank holidays in Spain is that they are divided into three different categories depending on whether they are national, regional or local.

  • National holidays for the whole of Spain
  • Regional holidays in Catalonia
  • Local holidays in Barcelona

There are usually seven dates in the calendar which are national bank holidays celebrated across the whole of Spain. Many of these correspond to important dates in the Christian calendar. There are a further five dates which may be swapped for another important date if decided by the local authority. In addition, each local authority can select two days a year which will be local bank holidays. 

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