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Etiquette in Barcelona

As expected when moving abroad, you may find the new culture that you’re suddenly immersed in is different to what you’re used to back home. To help you adapt, here are some general (unwritten and legal) rules to bear in mind when relocating to Barcelona.


People great each other with a kiss on both cheeks.

queuing culture

You should always ask who is the last in the queue (el último) and wait your turn.


Never block the escalators. Always stand on the right-hand side and make a clear pathway, so that those in a hurry can walk up the left side.

Public transport

Before entering the metro or any other form of public transport, wait (by the side) for other passengers to get off first.


When taking the bus, make sure you use the front door to enter and the back doors to exit.

leave a tip

In Barcelona it isn’t obligatory to leave a tip. However, if you’ve received particularly good food and service, the tip is usually a couple of euros as a nice gesture.


Smoking is prohibited in public buildings, on public transport and the beaches in Barcelona.


The consumption of alcohol in public places (streets, parks, beaches) is prohibited and is punishable by large fines.


Nudity or ‘near nudity’ in the city centre is banned. Anyone ignoring these rules risk receiving a fine.

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