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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ali Olivier

Ali Olivier

Personal Life Coach

I was born and raised in London, England, the big capital city. I have always been a people person, fascinated by how we behave, think and feel. I am a passionate dancer, yogi and chase the sun and sea wherever I go. I am incredibly sensitive and strong all at the same time. I am deeply grateful for both of these gifts as it enables me to truly support my clients on their own journeys. I have worked in mental health since 16 and went through my own struggles of anxiety, feeling lost and disconnected from myself and the beauty of life. I struggled as a teenager being overweight and feeling uncomfortable in my own body. However this led me on my own personal journey of deep healing, to truly love and accept my body and self worth. While these were difficult challenges, I am so deeply grateful for each and everyone of these, as it has given me true compassion, empathy and powerful tools to guide and support my clients on their own unique journey to heal and succeed in this life.

What is your company all about?

I started my own company that provides personal coaching and support to help individuals navigate through transitions, to activate their fullest potential and inner power and create the life they truly desire and deserve. It is all about embracing the unique gifts we each have and begin sharing our authentic self with the world.


Aside from the 1-1 coaching, I deliver group workshops on personal development and specific themes in-person in Barcelona and internationally online. I also run specialised coaching programs and workshops for companies and businesses to support their employees on overcoming imposter syndrome and develop their personal and professional leadership skills.

If you hadn’t relocated to Barcelona, would you have set up the same type of company in your home country?

I was working in the mental health field in London, England since the age of 16. However, I was following the more traditional path of Clinical Psychology and working in the public health sector. While I learnt so much in these environments, I always felt that there was something missing. The treatment lacked personalised and heartfelt attention that I believe we all need. It truly was the freedom I found in moving abroad that enabled me to dive into more holistic and soulful approaches. It was in this combination and beautiful fusion of clinical and soulful work that had me fall back in love with my passion as a coach, and make it my own. 

Why did you choose to set up a business in Barcelona?

Honestly, I first moved to Barcelona for a year of exploration. I gave myself a break and space from the mental health field in London to find out what I truly wanted in my life. I experimented with various other jobs such as acting and teaching and then realised that while I loved the city and culture, I was missing my passion and purpose in what I did. I began to realise, it is possible to have it all abroad, the amazing lifestyle, environment and career. So I took the leap and launched my own business.

How do you market your business and which strategies have been the most successful?

I know everyone wants, and is sold, specific strategies of the golden step-by-step plan to become successful, but in my case THE most important strategy was being my true, authentic self. When you are passionate about what you do and share your own story, people feel that trust and naturally want to learn from you or buy your product and service. The more I began sharing my own journey, my own vulnerability and passion, the more successful my business became.

I initially launched and marketed myself as an expat coach, as I recognised how many challenges myself and other expats were facing settling in and feeling at-home in Barcelona. While I have many clients that I support in this way, my business naturally grew attracting clients around the world with non-expat related issues; such as self-worth, relationships and improving their personal and professional life. So yes, start with a niche and target audience, but know that you can not predict where or how your business will grow until you begin.

Asides from that, having a coach or mentor to help guide and support you is key. As a coach, I will always have a coach myself. I have personally seen the impact it has on me and all my clients and I am dedicated and passionate about my own personal and professional growth. I love learning, expanding and growing. I know every bit of my personal growth expands to more success in my business, my clients and my personal relationships.

How do you build a successful customer base in Barcelona?

Sharing via social media, networking and meeting new people for coffee turns into beautiful collaborations and new clients. I have not paid for any marketing or advertisements and honestly I don’t feel it is necessary these days. If you know your target audience and where they spend their time – physically or online – and take the time to genuinely connect to people, sharing your purpose and passion, success grows organically. Be you and your people will find you.

Is Covid19 affecting your business and if so, how do you deal with this?

Firstly it is thanks to Covid19 that my business was created last year. My teaching job was paused during covid and while I always knew I would return to coaching, it gave me the opportunity to take the leap and make it happen.

Additionally with so many of us experiencing transitions and challenges during COVID, people have come to value their mental health more than ever. Finally, people are prioritising and reaching out for support. The taboo around having a therapist or a coach is finally coming to an end and people are proud to begin their own personal development journey. So I have to say my business has flourished during this time.

Is it mandatory for you to speak Spanish and/or Catalan as an Entrepreneur in Barcelona?

Absolutely not. With so many international expats here it is not necessary at all. I have some clients in Spanish however the majority of my business is English with clients all around the world.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business in Barcelona?

If it is your passion and purpose you will find your way. Place yourself in communities and groups in which other people have, or are creating something similar and reach out to a coach or mentor to support you. We are not meant to do it alone and having the tools and support along the way is a beautiful and powerful way to succeed in doing what you love.

Do you have any additional comments to share with us?

You deserve to have a truly meaningful, passionate and joyful life abroad. You can discover and activate aspects of yourself that you never knew existed. The transition can be challenging, but it was 100% worth it for me. I couldn’t imagine my life being this truly fulfilling if I had not made the move to Barcelona.

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  • Jessica Breitenfeld
    14 September 2021 at 18:22

    Ali is a wise soul. Feel blessed to have met you. ¨If you know your target audience and where they spend their time – physically or online – and take the time to genuinely connect to people, sharing your purpose and passion, success grows organically. Be you and your people will find you.¨

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