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English jobs in Barcelona

International talent forms a key part of Barcelona’s workforce and as an expat, you’ll find an endless variety of jobs in Barcelona for people with language skills!


Barcelona has an excellent track record for attracting large multinational companies over the years and has become a destination of choice for foreign investment. It is also one of the most attractive cities for Shared Service Centres.


Aside from this, Barcelona has emerged as one of the leading European cities for technology and innovation, with the start-up scene booming and many (international) entrepreneurs setting up their businesses in Barcelona.


For these reasons, most companies are always looking for internationals, there are plenty of jobs in Barcelona, especially when it comes to the ‘harder to source’ languages such as Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian and Swedish.


We want to wish you the best of luck with your job search!

English jobs in Barcelona

English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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English jobs in Barcelona

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