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Coworking in Barcelona – The Complete Guide

13 facts about coworking in barcelona

People from all over the world are drawn to Barcelona’s vibrant culture, the Mediterranean climate and the relaxed atmosphere in the city.


It comes as no surprise that many internationals choose to settle here, build a life and work for a longer period of time. Barcelona is often recognised as one of the best cities for digital nomads in the world.


In addition to the city’s positive attributes, the reason for this is largely due to the government’s increased efforts to promote Barcelona as an emerging tech hub in Europe.


The government invests a lot of time and money to make Barcelona an attractive working destination for foreigners and thanks to Covid, we now also realise that a lot of work that we do in the office can also be done just as easily online. From cost savings to increased collaboration opportunities, coworking spaces can make for ideal offices. So why not reap the benefits of coworking in Barcelona?


You will find 13 facts about coworking in Barcelona below!

Coworking in Barcelona

This article is written by CREC Coworking.

History of Coworking

The term ‘Coworking’ was first used in 1999 by Bernie DeKoven, who described it as collaborative work supported by a computer and current technologies.

However, the type of coworking we know today involves a physical space. This idea started in 2005 when Brad Neuberg used the term to describe a physical space where independent and mobile workers come together to work in a casual environment.


Coworking in Barcelona

The first coworking in Barcelona was introduced in 2011, but now you’ll find an impressive range of coworking spaces across the city, accommodating tech-savvy, creative and independent workers.


Recent evolution in technology has led to rising numbers of freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs. It’s safe to say that coworking is now a part of Barcelona’s culture. You have larger coworking spaces like WeWork, Aticco, Cloudworks and Talent Garden. Or medium sized spaces like MOB or CREC. Most of which will offer you a free trial for the day to try out the co-working space.

Over 5 million coworkers worldwide

In 2019 there were over 3 million coworkers across the globe, the majority of which were based in Asia Pacific with a total of 11,592 coworking flexible workspaces.


Coworking can expand your professional network and allows you to become a part of a community of other like minded individuals. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and help each other.


Boosting positivity & productivity

Joining a coworking space made 89% of members happier. Plus, everyone around you is genuinely there to work.


If you’re feeling stagnant in your work, spending some time in a coworking space could be exactly what you need to get things flowing again. This is especially true for small business owners working out of a home office. When we’re at home, it can be easy to get distracted but by going to another space, you can solidify a “work mode” that will without a doubt increase productivity and motivation. When you’re in a room full of driven people, it’s nearly impossible to slack off.

Coworking = diversity

Coworking spaces bring together entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants and small business owners. These are people who are passionate about what they do, which definitely helps make the work environment a positive one.

Coworking environments also bring together individuals from diverse industries and backgrounds.


The physical design of coworking spaces encourages interaction among co-workers but simultaneously fosters an environment that allows employees to focus on achieving their targets.

Coworking demographics

  • The current average age of coworking members is over 36.
  • Coworking statistics indicate that members in smaller cities are older (38.5 years of age), compared to those in big cities, whose average age is 34.5 years.
  • Small businesses with staff occupying shared office facilities are the oldest group (40 years old on average), followed by freelancers in their late thirties (38 on average). 
  • Meanwhile, nearly half (43%) of the coworking population is younger than 30.
  • Coworking is not just for the individual, but also for companies who want to take advantage of coworking spaces for a change of scenery from the office.
  • Industry coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular among women. The previously male-dominated industry is becoming home to more and more women, mostly in the freelance sector (46%).
Coworking in Barcelona

Coworking during Covid-19

It’s safe to say the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the world lives and works. As social distancing became a key part of life, more companies started evaluating their requirements for office space and are now exploring opportunities for more flexible office spaces. The world is currently witnessing a dramatic spike in the demand for coworking spaces, to fill in for various verticals that you can’t get from working remotely.

Barcelona Workation

Barcelona Workation‘ is the name given by the Turisme de Barcelona to promote Barcelona as an ideal destination for temporary telecommuting, with the objective of attracting visitors who work remotely and at the same time are looking for a new experience away from their usual place of residence.


Backed by the Turisme de Barcelona and Diputació de Barcelona, the city offers a range of services and products designed to meet the needs of a trending demand.


These digital nomads are a new community that combines leisure and business, with “travel” being the key element. Potentially, this group could make up 25% of Barcelona’s main tourist markets, as these people are already teleworking. However, the numbers have recently exploded by 45% due to Covid-19.

Barcelona in the rankings

The Startup Heatmap Europe 2021 study highlights that the city of Barcelona ranks third in the list of most attractive cities to establish a start-up today, behind London and Berlin. Barcelona also ranks in the top 10 best cities in the world to work abroad, based on a survey of over 200,000 workforce respondents across 190 countries.

Cost of coworking in Barcelona

The cost of coworking in Barcelona can vary as different locations offer a variety of options and memberships. For example, you can have a day pass for €15 or a weekly pass for €65. Per month you could purchase a super flex pass for €65 or a fixed desk for €150 per month.


It’s also possible to hire a space for your company to share with your colleagues for around €200 per month per person. Again, this price could vary depending on if you require meeting rooms in the coworking space too.


Besides the options for freelancers, start-ups or entrepreneurs, most coworkings in Barcelona are well equipped and have common areas where you can take a break, hire meeting rooms or sit on a terrace to enjoy the sun!

Security at coworking spaces

Cyber crime has skyrocketed during the pandemic and remote workers are now at a high risk of online attacks. It’s normal to be cautious whilst using a coworking space as accounts have reportedly been hacked on the open Wi-Fi network, leaving sensitive files and emails exposed to anyone on the same network without a VPN.


A more general tip to keep your possessions safe whilst in a coworking area would be to take advantage of the available lockers or hire a private space/desk rather than leaving your stuff on your desk.


Our advice to you would be to check the safety regulations & protocol of the coworking space you’re interested in prior to using it. it is also a good idea to check the safety protocol of your employer & clients to avoid any breaches of security.

General etiquette

A few pointers for general etiquette in a coworking environment are as follows:

1. Respect boundaries – Remember people are there to work first and foremost and not necessarily to socialise.
2. Keep the noise down
3. Stick to the schedule – Make sure you don’t over run your time slot so that the next person can be in on time
4. Clean up after yourself


If you have an online meeting/telephone appointment that needs to be held in private, there are different rooms to work in without being disturbed or on that same note, without you disturbing anyone else.

Virtual office

Most coworkings in Barcelona also offer a type of ‘virtual office’ with services such as being able to create a business postal address, envelope opening, a scanning service, meeting room hire etc.


This truly is a great service for digital nomads!

About CREC Coworking in Barcelona

Located only a few steps away from the Joanic square, CREC Gràcia is the meeting point between two of the main quarters of Barcelona: Gràcia and Eixample. An awesome location which mixes freelancers who want to be inspired in a dynamic open space and companies that want to keep their wide private offices with all the coworking services.

Like the rest of our locations in Poble Sec, Eixample and Sabadell, we are recognized for the attention of our team of community builders and our desire to create meaningful networking across all spaces.

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