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Barcelona expat life

Barcelona Expat Life is the latest platform for both new and existing internationals in Barcelona, providing up-to-date information on everything you need to know about life in this vibrant city. A place where expats can exchange experiences and share invaluable information. 


We are here to help you tackle any obstacles you might face, or any general questions that you might have when living abroad. For example, “how can I open a bank account?”, “how do I arrange my NIE?” or even something as trivial as “how do I buy a metro ticket?”. Whether you’re still at the planning stage of your big move, or you’re already living in Barcelona, I’m sure that you will have plenty of questions just like these.


By sharing useful advice, relevant information and creating an online community for expats in Barcelona, we aim to cover the informational needs of internationals from all over the world. 


Barcelona Expat Life is here to support you in your move to Spain and make your expat experience a great one! 

To support expats who are settling in to a new way of life.

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