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Cava in Barcelona

Everything you need to know about Cava in Barcelona

Cava is a sparkly white wine that is originally from the northeast state of Catalonia. 


This drink was created by Catalan Josep Raventós in 1872 in the Penedes region near Barcelona, Spain and the name comes from the Catalan word for cave, where the wine is supposed to be stored and aged. Cava got its name because it is designated to wineries that follow a specific protocol during their wine-making process and the upkeep of the vineyard. 


But what makes Cava, Cava? There are many rules and regulations that the wineries have to follow which are known as “Denominación de Origen laws”. These laws make sure that the wineries are keeping up with the traditional methods of Cava making. After using the specific kind of grapes, it’s most important for Cava to have a second fermentation in the bottle with a combination of the right amount of aging time.

Cava in Barcelona & Catalonia

Different types of Cava

Brut Nature

Brut Nature has the least amount of sweetness and is very popular because it has fewer calories. 


Rosé is known as the pink sparkly wine that requires other grapes to be added to it in order to obtain a more sweet flavor. This cava also normally has a blend of raspberries and strawberries which is why it gets its coloring. 

Vintage and Aged Cava

This kind is known for its zesty aromas and due to how long it has been aged, it has an incredible body with hints of apple and almonds. Although this wine uses French grapes, it is still rich in the Spanish tradition.

Cava in Catalonia

Cava is a staple in most Catalans’ daily life. If you are out in a restaurant or bar you will most likely see the locals enjoying a nice crisp glass of this kind of wine, you can get a glass of Cava at any bar or restaurant in Barcelona. Therefore, locals do not only drink it on celebratory occasions but also just on a random Tuesday. The Mediterranean wine can mostly be paired with fried fish and dessert but can also be seen at breakfast if you want to start the day with something bubbly. 

Cava versus Champagne

Although there is a similar method used to make both alcohols, let’s not get the two mixed up. People might think that Cava is a cheaper version of champagne, but we are here to get rid of that notion. Cava is made the same way that champagne is produced, but with different grapes. 


These two types of drinks come from very different terrains due to the fact that there is not as much sun in France so champagne is more difficult to produce there. Cava is also much lighter and easier to drink than champagne due to the added sugars to smooth it out. 


Two glasses of champagne and you can’t drink anymore, as it’s too heavy on the stomach. This is because the climate in Champagne is harsh which makes the grapes more acidic, and so the winemakers are forced to add sweet wine to smooth over the acidity.

Cava in Barcelona

Tours in the Penedés

There are 160 wineries producing Cava and still wines in the Penedés. It’s actually the third-largest wine region in Spain after Rioja and la Mancha. The Penedès region is easily accessible by public transport. Cordoniu and Freixenet are the two most famous Cava producers. 


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