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Casals in Barcelona 2024

School will soon be out for Summer and while three months of long, carefree days may be an exciting time for the children, for working parents, it isn’t always that simple. The Spanish school break between June and September can be hard to plan if you’re a single parent or if both you and your partner work full-time. There are a huge variety of summer camps in Barcelona available this year, from sports camps to creative design studios, there is something for every child. We have put together a short guide on the available options for entertaining your children during the Summer holidays.

Casals & Summer Camps in Barcelona

Casals & Summer Camps

Many local parents turn to Casals d’estiu Barcelona (day camps) for the summer months. The Casals run on a weekly basis, so you can sign your children up for as long as you want to. The day-to-day activities will very much depend on the Casal, but there are typically lots of arts, music, workshops and excursions, while some will have more of a specific focus. Casals are also run in local civic centres.


Another option to consider is that most schools run camps during the summer months. Both Casals and summer camps will likely provide food during the day (but this is something to clarify with the organiser) and there is usually the option to send your child for a half-day too. The price for the school summer camps are around 100 euros/week if your child is planning to go all day long. So, if you prefer your children to be in a familiar environment, the school summer camp is a slightly cheaper, and more convenient option than some of the privately organised camps.


Alternatively, there are some summer camps that are hosted by private organisations and are more activity and sports focused. These types of camps might also offer residential packages for your child, but at a higher cost.

Where to find casals in Barcelona

There are thousands of activities taking place every summer in Barcelona that your child could be a part of. While some summer camps may already be fully booked, almost every institution in the city is hosting activities and/or workshops for children, from museums to sports clubs and schools to civic centres.


One thing to note is that the registrations start months in advance and the popular Casals and camps get full very quickly. Almost all Casals are held in June, July and the first week of September, but not in August. During August it seems that the entire city goes on vacation. 

FAQ Casals in Barcelona

When do you need to register by?

Registrations can open from as early as April and spaces can sell out instantly. However, some camps & Casals still take registrations and keep spaces free right up until the week before the start of the programme. Our advice is to keep a close eye on the websites of the camps & Casals that take your fancy, or email the organisation directly for regular updates. 

How can I sign up?

The Barcelona City Council has opened registrations for 2024 on April 2nd, although some entities can choose whether to start the procedures later. The website of the Barcelona City Council indicates the dates and deadlines for registering. To sign a child up for an activity, you will have to contact the organiser, although most offer the possibility of making an online pre-registration.

How much can the price vary?

The price will vary depending on x2 things:

  1. The type of camp/Casal you send your child to;
  2. How long you want them to attend.

There may also be the option to pay hourly if you aren’t planning on sending your child for the full day/week. While most of the camps & Casals in Barcelona charge a fee, there are still some activities that your child can participate in for free this summer.

Is there a Government grant to help cover the cost?

It’s no secret that childcare can be expensive, which is why the local city council is offering subsidies/grants to selected individuals, to help cover the cost. Barcelona is probably one of the most expensive cities in Spain to do summer activities and that’s why the city council will offer over 360,000 subsidies for children aged 1-17 years old.

Can you send your child full time or only a few days a week?

Casals are for the day, although you can send your child as many times per week as you like. While summer camps usually last for at least a week at a time and you must pay for the camp in its entirety. Some camps even offer residential packages, if you wish for your child to have a more in-depth experience at the camps.

How old does your child need to be to attend?

This will vary depending on the type of camp/activities – while some will take children from the age of 1, you also want to consider if the activities are age-appropriate for your child.

Some of our favourites

English speaking casals in Barcelona

English speaking summer camps are an excellent opportunity for children of all ages to practise English whilst having fun, discovering new hobbies and passions, and meeting new friends. Some of the most popular are listed below: 

The American School

The American School is holding a summer camp from June 26th-Friday July 21st and offers morning (9.30am-2pm) and all day (9.30am-5pm) options. Children can enjoy classes such as Art, Technology, Sports and much more. All teachers are qualified, native English speakers and transportation to and from the school is provided.

Benjamin Franklin International School

Benjamin Franklin International School is offering a few unique summer camps and courses this year; The Artificial Intelligence Summer course for ages 13-18 will run from June 25th to July 5th, the Summer Creativity Camp for ages 4-9 (in collaboration with Little Makers) will run from June 25th to July 12th, the Mountain and Adventure Sports camp for ages 9-16 will run from July 1st to July 6th and lastly, their Basketball Camp for ages 11-17 will run from July 1st to July 12th.

British School of Barcelona

The British School of Barcelona, located in Castelldefels and Sitges, offers four summer schools:

  • the Summer Play Programme for ages 3-5
  • the Activity Programme for ages 6-13
  • and the Language Programmes (in English or Spanish) for those aged between 12-15.

They will run from June 28th to July 21st.


This preschool in Poblenou offers various camps throughout the year, with a team who speak Catalan, English, German and Spanish. Their summer camp begins on June 26th until July 28th, or from July 31st til September 1st. The focus is on creative play and they cater to newborns and children up until the age of six. 

Sport specific

If you have more financial options, you can sign your children up for a sports camp or a language camp. Depending on the camp you choose, it may run only during the day or overnight, however these types of summer camps are typically the more costly choice.

Emilio Sanchez American School

Emilio Sanchez American School holds impressive tennis camps that run on a weekly basis from the end of June to early September. The Emilio Sánchez Academy Summer Camp has been designed for young tennis players from around the world from 12 to 21 years. Their intensive tennis summer camps combine high-level tennis training with language studies and fun activities for a memorable summer in Barcelona. Students can choose to study English, Spanish or French, taught by native teachers at the ES American School. Activities include beach trips, visits to local attractions such as a guided tour of the Camp Nou in Barcelona.

Club Natació Barceloneta

Club Natació Barceloneta offers different camps for children aged 2 and a half-14 years, from June 25th until August 30th. Children can enjoy a multitude of sporting activities, such as; Sailing, Surfing, Tennis, Padel, Triathlons, Kayaking and much more. Younger children can also learn how to swim, with a variety of crash courses throughout the summer.

Olympic rowing channel

Olympic rowing channel is the home of many camps for a range of watersports, such as kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and more, or for those wanting to explore options through multisport activities, including art, skating, dancing, athletics, cooking, magic and circus training and more. There are both full and half day choices between Casals, on selected dates for each course. 


IAB Youth Academy Summer Youth Camp

The IAB Youth Academy Summer Youth Camp is a 5-week performing arts camp for young people aged 8 to 15, at the IAB’s iconic building in Sitges. The students will spend the summer break having fun and gaining confidence through singing, acting and dance. All of the classes are taught in English and each weekly course will follow a different musical theatre theme and culminate in a performance for the parents.

Teen Tech Titans

Teen Tech Titans, where teens can become an AI expert and learn new concepts about Machine Learning in only 9 days. St. Peter’s school will also team up with Bonfit to offer sporty camps for children aged 8 to 12, and with La Molina Summer Camp for week-long residential camps in nature.

Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo holds very popular Casals with different focuses, such as little explorers, getting to know the aquatic animals, learning about different species, farm animals and more. Each particular Casal is designed for a specific age group, from between 5-16 years. The Casals run from June 22nd till September 9th. There are also discounts for zoo card holders.

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