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The best coworking spaces in Barcelona

What are the best coworking spaces in Barcelona? In the past years, the amount of coworking spaces in Barcelona has exponentially grown thanks to all of the tech and creative startups. Every coworking space caters to different needs and wishes. Some have open kitchens and communal tables and others have private offices and game rooms. This, amongst many other things, makes Barcelona the perfect city for digital nomads. We have created a list of the best coworking spaces in Barcelona.

The best coworking spaces in Barcelona


Aticco has workspaces all over the city, so it is guaranteed that there is one located close to you. You can access the centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Aticco has a wide range of great amenities at its locations. The spaces are all very modern and include many different common areas. This is the perfect coworking space for people who like to network and socialize. 



Betahaus is located in six cities around Europe, and has a strong cross-cultural feeling to it. The beautiful location and the industrial style of the coworking space in Gracia, makes it an ideal place for creatives and innovators to gather and work on their projects. The space is designed in a way that offers space to both people who want to work in teams or work by themselves in e.g. a booth. Betahaus has a very wide range of memberships, therefore it is guaranteed that you will get the most out of your money, and find a membership that fits perfectly with your needs and wishes 


CREC Coworking

CREC offers coworking spaces in Barcelona and Sabadell with shared spaces and private offices. Crec aims to create connections that favor the growth of all the projects that are located in CREC, especially through their community builders.



From a factory to a beautiful coworking space. Montoya is a curated workspace that sets itself apart by focusing on establishing an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration between an influential and creative collective. The founders of Montoya have created what they call the home of creative inspiration. You will mainly find a lot of different creatives and leading professionals that work in a wide range of industries, including design, architecture, arts, and technology. If you want to work at this coworking space, you will have to register online. Once you apply, more information will be given about the price range and the availability of the space 



This coworking space does have it all; flexible private offices, dedicated desks, flexible desks, and meeting rooms. The coworking spaces of OneCoWork are occupied every day by a wide range of teams and individuals. You will be sitting next to people who work for Fortune 500 companies, but also individual freelancers, and entrepreneurs.  


Valkiria Hub Space

Valkiria Hub Space is a coworking office with innovative spaces, adaptable to all different kinds of events. This is the perfect coworking space for those who are looking for a space that offers all kinds of training, courses, team building events, expert talks, and more. The office is situated in the heart of 22@, which is known as the Silicon Valley of Barcelona. The style of the office is very homey. There is also a onesite bistro, which is now a very popular lunch spot amongst locals. Generally speaking, Valkiria Hub Space focuses mostly on digital entrepreneurship, so it is without a doubt the perfect place to work for entrepreneurs especially. 



WeWork has coworking spaces in over 35 countries, including Spain. Every space has a modern feel and lots of natural light. WeWork has a wide range of different types of spaces; from private office spaces to meeting rooms and big coworking areas. WeWork is the place where people from all kinds of backgrounds come together to work on great projects and initiatives.



Zamness is a coworking space in the heart of Poblenou. It is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a walk along the beach on their break. Similar to a lot of the previously mentioned coworking spaces, Zamness organizes workshops, conferences, cultural events, and more. It is a very comfortable coworking space with lots of natural light. It is rather small compared to some other coworking spaces, seeing as the office has a capacity of 30 people. It is very unique, however, regarding the design of the space. The designers of space have transformed an industrial building from the 70s to a brightly coloured space inspired by the Mediterranean. 


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