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    Barcelona International Welcome

    Barcelona International Welcome

    Just moved to Barcelona or thinking of coming here to live? If you’ve chosen Barcelona as the setting for your life project, congratulations! You’ve chosen a wonderful city. But right now, you must have a lot of questions that need answering: What paperwork do you need to sort out when you arrive? How do you find a place to live? How do you set up your business? Where can you play your favourite sport? Which school do you choose for your children?


    You can find the answers to all these questions and many more at the Barcelona International Welcome Desk, located in the MediaTIC building (Edificio MediaTIC) on Carrer de Roc Boronat.


    Or, you can go to the Barcelona International Welcome website. This is Barcelona City Council’s official website for recent arrivals, where you can find, in English, all the information you need for beginning your new life in the city.

    Barcelona International Welcome Desk

    The Barcelona City Council has just opened it’s new office (located in the MediaTIC building on Carrer de Roc Boronat), to offer support for all international talent arriving in the city, helping newcomers settle into their new personal and professional lives.


    The new office will offer information, advice and the possibility of carrying out various useful procedures upon arrival in the city. It is the first office of its kind in Spain! 


    The three types of support available are:

    1. Practical, general information about life in the city, for example how the education or health system works. This information is reinforced by the Barcelona International Community Day event, which hosts thousands of people every year.
    2. Processing of priority administrative procedures upon arrival. A portfolio of more than a dozen specific municipal procedures, will be offered, such as the processing of the municipal register or residence permit, mobility procedures or obtaining a digital certificate, among others.
    3. Expert advice and assessment on key issues, such as immigration, taxation and labour regulations.


    The options of prior and online appointments allow both people who have already arrived in Barcelona, and those who are preparing for their move, to speak to us about any questions they might have.


    This new service will undoubtedly complement the Barcelona International Welcome website, and it is another major step towards making Barcelona a more welcoming and open city.

    Barcelona International WELCOME WEBSITE

    Online you will find practical information for everyday life in the What You Need section, which deals with things like flat hunting, education, access to healthcare services, public transport, how to pay for things and how the tax system works. It also explains the steps you need to follow when you’re setting up a business, carrying out a business activity or looking for a job. Of course, if you prefer to discuss these things in person, then you can make an appointment at the link above and head over to the new office.

    Knowing what paperwork you have to deal with when you move to a new city and, above all, how to go about getting said paperwork, can be a real headache. That’s why the website’s section on administrative procedures and processes is especially useful. No one enjoys doing these things, but some are essential and necessary. The Formalities section includes an exhaustive list of all the different processes, from registering as a city resident or getting an Identity Number for Foreign Nationals (NIE), to registering your car or your pet. The Barcelona International Welcome website explains what every procedure is, why it’s important, and what steps you need to follow in each case. All in one place and in clear, comprehensive language. 

    As well as providing easy access to practical, necessary information, the Barcelona International Welcome desk/website can also be a gateway for building your own network of contacts and friends in the city. In the Activities  section online you’ll find a list of events, ranging from informative sessions and conferences on specific subjects, to workshops on cultural networking or business matters. Some of these sessions are currently held online, but others are re-introducing face-to-face sessions. Most of these activities are in English, and taking part in them is a good way to meet other international residents who haven’t been living in the city for very long.

    Barcelona International Welcome newsletter

    If you want to keep up to date with news about this big annual get-together, all the other activities programmed on the website and the big news stories about the city, you can subscribe to the Barcelona International Welcome newsletter using this link.

    Barcelona International Community Day

    One thing you really shouldn’t miss is the international community’s big annual get-together! In addition to the regular schedule of activities, every October, the Barcelona City Council organises Barcelona International Community Day, a fair featuring the exhibition stands of companies, organisations, international schools and NGOs interested in international talent. This is an all-day event with an extensive programme that includes a wide variety of activities that’s aimed at bringing Barcelona’s international community together for a great festive event.


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