Week 1 Work in Barcelona!
Job Search Tools and Social Media Presence


The entire month of May in 2022 we organised the Work in Barcelona! month.



This month was all about providing you with the ultimate guide to working in Barcelona, where we dived into a different topic every week. On the right you can see the different theme weeks.



We shared our best tips on how to improve your employability through CV writing and your social media presence. As well as, how the Spanish work culture works, what kind of paperwork and documents you’ll need and lastly living in Barcelona.



In the first week of the ‘Work in Barcelona Month!’, we touched upon job search tools, a Barcelonian style CV, how to present yourself on social media.



The 24th of May we organized the Work in Barcelona! Job Fair. This time we tried taking a different approach. We talked business but in a casual setting, at the beach bar: Club Soda!


The fair was the perfect opportunity for everyone looking for or interested in working in Barcelona to explore the job opportunities in Barcelona! At the fair several recruitment agencies attended, but also companies focused on helping expats with anything related to starting work life in Barcelona!

(sponsored by Telus International AI Data Solutions)

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Week 2 – Spanish Work Culture

The second week was all about providing you with all information necessary to help you integrate into the real Spanish working lifestyle. Think about cultural differences, what companies are located in Barcelona, and Spanish pay slips.

(Don’t forget to check our blog for the second week)


Week 3 – Necessary paperwork and documents (sponsored by Teleperformance Spain)

In week three we focused on providing you with a guide to ensures that the arrangement of your paperwork and documents will run smoothly and that you are ready to start your new job in Barcelona.

(Don’t forget to check our blog for the third week


Week 4 – Living in Barcelona (sponsored by Webfleet Solutions)

We closed this month off with discussing everything that comes with living in Barcelona apart from work. Think about establishing a social life, transport, healthcare, language learning, and housing.

(Don’t forget to check our blog for the fourth week)

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