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How to get the complete Barcelona Experience

Maud Anna van Gorkom

Check out the stories of Maud, Dutch – studying a Masters degree in International Business at EAE Business School – enjoying life. Sharing advice, Q&A's and personal experiences regarding student life in Barcelona.

Living “the full package“ life in Barcelona despite Covid-19

Hi guys, welcome back to My Barcelona Story! In this blog we’ll be discussing a trending topic at the moment –  can you get the full Barcelona experience during Covid-19? 


Questions will be answered such as: How is the current COVID-19 situation in Barcelona? Is living here worth all the money? Are you able to meet new people? But most importantly, can you enjoy the full Barcelona package? The answer is YES, YOU DEFINITELY CAN! I’m going to share my personal story with all of you guys, which will also include my doubts and worries about life in the city during the pandemic. 

It all started in February 2019, when me and one of my best friends wanted to do a Master’s degree in Barcelona. We researched all the possibilities for private business schools and different kinds of Master’s degrees. We were so excited to go, but we had to wait another 7 months until I could save up enough money to finance my own Master’s, which kept me motivated.


Then the pandemic happened. At first I wasn’t worried that this might impact my experience in Barcelona, but as my university start date got closer, I was a little bit fearful that this would be the case. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get the true value for the money I had paid and I wanted to postpone my Master’s and start in April 2021 instead. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I DID NOT DELAY THIS AMAZING EXPERIENCE.


Of course, there are restrictions you need to take into account and you cannot do everything you want. But on the other hand, there are still ways of meeting new people, for example at your university. People in Barcelona are very social and you will be introduced to others through friends, or through the many workshops that are organised. Everything here is quite intimate and cosy; people asking you to come over and have dinner in their apartment instead of partying/drinking in a club is the norm. I really love nights like this and I find that you can actually get to know someone much better. There is also the possibility of going for a coffee or having lunch somewhere, going shopping (which I really love to do), taking a leisurely stroll in the sun, visiting the beach etc. In the end, there are so many possibilities to live the full Barcelona package regardless of all the restrictions. When I walk through this beautiful city, I have so many happy moments! ☺


Below are some of my ‘go to’ places in Barcelona from morning to evening.


I really hoped you liked this blog and I will see you guys next time! 


Hasta luego!

X – Maud in Barcelona.


Yellow Bakery

This bakery is around the corner from where I live, and it has the best bread and cinnamon rolls. They also have delicious coffee! Going to this bakery is the best way to start your morning.

Hidden Coffee

When I took that first sip of coffee, I knew I had found the perfect coffee spot where I wanted to go everyday!

Lulu & Flyn

Lulu & Flyn is a really nice and happy place to have lunch, chill, have a coffee/juice and just relax.


This place has the best steak tartar and amazing bartenders for a perfect dinner. You can request to sit at a chefs table and see exactly what they are cooking for you. IT’S AMAZING!

Ohla Barcelona

This rooftop is not only a great place to meet new people, but it’s also a nice place to drink cocktails, swim and soak up the sun.

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