Barcelona Expat Fair 22/01/22

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Barcelona Expat Fair announces it will hold an event to connect the international community of Barcelona with service providers who are experts in their fields, and who are focused on serving the needs of foreign nationals who have chosen to move to and live in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Mirjam Maarleveld from Barcelona Expat Life explains that “Relocating to a new city and country can be as exciting as it is daunting. Barcelona Expat Fair is committed to helping people from other cultures and countries to adapt to their new life here as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Access to world class services demanded by a fast-growing pool of international people is available, but finding those services can be a frustrating challenge”.

The expat fair in January will focus on selected service providers, including accounting and taxes, children and family services, employment and recruiting, health and medical, international education and real estate. Relocation experts will also be available as they add tremendous value to the expat experience.

Victor Horcasitas from The American Society of Barcelona says “This initiative responds to the continued growth of international talent, that drives the Catalan ecosystem of entrepreneurship and makes it a leading technology hub of Europe. Barcelona is investing time and attention into attracting talent, to ensure it solidifies itself as the perfect place to live and work”.

Indeed, over 460,000 people from 170 countries currently reside in the city, accounting for roughly 28% of its population. Barcelona’s international reputation as a progressive city, combining treasured traditions and wonderful weather, is extremely well established.


The Expat Fair will be free to the public and they will be able to meet with leading providers of critical services that expats need to become a Barcelonian. It will be held in the ‘Estacion de Francia’ train station, conveniently located next to the Born and Barceloneta neighborhoods, on 22 January from 9:00 – 15:00.

The Barcelona Expat Fair is hosted by organisations who are dedicated to serving the international community:

Barcelona Expat Life is the latest platform for both new and existing internationals in Barcelona, providing up-to-date information on everything you need to know about life in this vibrant city.

Barcelona Metropolitan is the leading English magazine for the international community. Founded in 1996, it serves as the essential resource to living in (and loving) Barcelona.


The fair is FREE for attendees, and it will include leading players and advisers who add tremendous value to the expat experience. You can get your ticket by registering online.

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