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Barcelona Expat Fair 05/03/22

Save the date! Barcelona Expat Fair 05/03/22

Barcelona Expat Fair

Barcelona Expat Fair announces it will hold an event to connect the international community of Barcelona with service providers who are experts in their fields, and who are focused on serving the needs of foreign nationals who have chosen to move to and live in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Over 460,000 people from 170 countries currently reside in the city, accounting for roughly 28% of its population. Barcelona’s international reputation as a progressive city, combining treasured traditions and wonderful weather, is extremely well established.

Organizers Barcelona Expat Fair

The Barcelona Expat Fair is hosted by organisations who are dedicated to serving the international community:

Barcelona Expat Life is the latest platform for both new and existing internationals in Barcelona, providing up-to-date information on everything you need to know about life in this vibrant city. Mirjam Maarleveld from Barcelona Expat Life explains that “Relocating to a new city and country can be as exciting as it is daunting. Barcelona Expat Fair is committed to helping people from other cultures and countries to adapt to their new life here as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Access to world class services demanded by a fast-growing pool of international people is available, but finding those services can be a frustrating challenge”.

Barcelona Metropolitan is the leading English magazine for the international community. Founded in 1996, it serves as the essential resource to living in (and loving) Barcelona. Victor Horcasitas says “This initiative responds to the continued growth of international talent, that drives the Catalan ecosystem of entrepreneurship and makes it a leading technology hub of Europe. Barcelona is investing time and attention into attracting talent, to ensure it solidifies itself as the perfect place to live and work”.


The expat fair in March will focus on selected service providers, including accounting and taxes, children and family services, employment and recruiting, health and medical, international education and real estate. Relocation experts will also be available as they add tremendous value to the expat experience. For a full list visit the website of the event,

Workshops Barcelona Expat Fair

Several workshops will take place during the Barcelona Expat Fair.


The Expat Fair will be free to the public and they will be able to meet with leading providers of critical services that expats need to become a Barcelonian. It will be held in the ‘Estacion de Francia’ train station, conveniently located next to the Born and Barceloneta neighborhoods, on Saturday the 5th of March from 9:00 – 15:00.

Access to the fair is free to the general public but registration is required. 

Sponsors Barcelona Expat Fair

The organizers of the Barcelona Expat Fair are excited to announce that its corporate sponsors Inspire, ESADE Business School, Swapfiets and BCN Business Services ensure that expats have a chance to meet businesses who cater to people who have chosen to make Barcelona their home.


Inspire Property Experts are buyers agents who help expats interested in purchasing a property find, negotiate and finance their dream home. In addition to having a stand, Inspire will also conduct a workshop on how to buy property while de-risking the process of acquiring property in Spain. Led by Professor Raf Jacobs, a recognized real estate authority who is regularly featured in Spanish media, Inspire is the go-to firm in Barcelona that helps people avoid costly mistakes in all stages of the buying process. At the Expat Fair, you can ask Raf and his team all your questions on legal, technical, financial and administrative matters.


ESADE Business School is a world-class institution, ranked 7th best MBA in Europe, promoting talent to create new paradigms in technology, business, sustainability and social innovation. Esade is a global academic institution known for the quality of its education, its international outlook, and its focus on holistic personal development. At the Expat Fair, you can meet Judith Puigbo and Marc Gelabert to learn about ESADE’s various programmes.


Swapfiets is Europe’s leading bike rental company, offering an affordable, subscription-based service that covers rental, maintenance and repairs. The best way to get around Barcelona is on two wheels with a Blue front tire! With premium-quality bicycles, Swapfiets is the ideal solution for students and all city residents— plus it’s eco-friendly! Conveniently headquartered at the intersection of Balmes and Aragon, Swapfiets will proudly display their high quality Dutch cycling options at the Expat Fair.


BCN Business Services allows people to focus on making their business work while BCN BS takes care of the rest! Using state of the art technology, BCN BS helps entrepreneurs and businesses to concentrate on growing sales and operations instead of the frustrating and often onerous but critically important administrative tasks. Services include accounting and tax preparation, obtaining visas and immigration documents as well as corporate formation, payroll and insurance policies. Gert-jan Geerse provides expert advice on how to administer your business.

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