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10-step Barcelona CV Checklist

Embarking on a job search in Barcelona, the vibrant and cosmopolitan city recently acclaimed as Spain’s ‘most liveable,’ holds immense appeal for expatriates. The prospect of working in Barcelona is undeniably exciting, yet you might find yourself pondering the challenges that come with securing employment in this dynamic city.


Fear not, as this guide, complemented by the invaluable ‘Barcelona CV Checklist,’ aims to address your queries and offer insights into navigating the job market as an expat in Barcelona. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and successful job search journey, equipping you with the tools needed to thrive in this exhilarating professional landscape.

Barcelona CV Checklist

1. Is your CV written in English?

Great job – Remember to utilize available platforms for grammar checks to ensure that everything is correctly spelt.

If you apply for an English-speaking job (or a job with other language requirements), it’s better to send your CV in English. If the job is in Spanish-English, then it could also be worth sending your CV in Spanish. 

2. Does your CV include a picture?

Great job – Including a photo on your CV can create a positive impression for potential employers. Ensure that you present yourself professionally and wear a smile.

Photos are commonly included on CVs in Spain and placed in the top corners. A picture of yourself can boost or reduce the effectiveness of your CV, so make sure you take a professional shot.

  1. Try to smile confidently
  2. Dress appropriately
  3. Avoid appearing unhappy or uninterested.

3. Do you mention your language skills on your CV?

Great job – Highlighting your language proficiency on a CV is highly advantageous, showcasing valuable skills that can prove beneficial in various domains. This is particularly significant if you’re an expatriate in Barcelona.

Don’t forget that language can be a big plus on your CV, especially in Barcelona. Your language skills need to be showcased in the correct place on a CV; it’s essential to make sure they’re well displayed. They can be placed on the top of your CV or at the bottom, alongside the knowledge and skills section. 

Imagine you are German, and you are applying for an English-speaking job where German is a plus, then it will be worth showcasing all of your language skills at the start of your CV. E.G.

  • German: Native language 
  • English: Full professional 
  • Spanish: Fluent

4. Do you provide information regarding your work permit on your CV

Great job – Including information about your work permit on your CV in Barcelona is a significant advantage; it provides valuable assistance to potential employers.

CVs in Spain might include personal information such as the NIE (ID number for foreign people) and work permit. It is not mandatory but it  could be very useful for the recruiter to know that you are eligible to work in Spain. 

5. Is it clear where you live or what your future plans are?

Great job – It’s excellent to include your current address on your CV; this information is crucial for your prospective employer.

Given Barcelona’s international nature, employers in the city often find it important to know your home address. This information is valuable for them to understand your location and determine whether you will be working remotely or in person.

6. Barcelona CV Checklist: Contact details

Great job – Including your personal information on your CV is crucial to ensure that potential employers can easily contact you.

Ensure a seamless connection with your potential employer by including all essential personal information on your CV. Include your address, email, and phone number, making sure to provide the correct country code for the phone number – this detail is particularly important!

Barcelona CV checklist: LinkedIn

Great job – Possessing a LinkedIn profile is a significant advantage as it provides a more comprehensive view of your personality and previous career experiences.

Having a LinkedIn profile not only showcases your professional journey and educational achievements but also allows recruiters to gain insights into your skills, endorsements, and professional network.

8. Barcelona CV Checklist: Career events

Great job – Attending career events is an excellent opportunity to connect with professionals and employers in person.

Career events provide a platform to network, exchange ideas, and make a lasting impression that goes beyond the confines of a resume or online profile. Join our next career event on the 15th of May, click here for more information! 

9. Did you know that Barcelona Expat Life can help?

Great job – Don’t hesitate to send your CV!

Barcelona Expat Life assists in job search. Click here to upload your CV and personal information, and we’ll help you find relevant job opportunities to apply for!

10. Did you send your CV to multilingual recruitment agencies in Barcelona?

Great job – Sending your CV to multilingual job agencies can be instrumental in finding your dream job. Best of luck in your job search!

Relocating can be a life changing decision, but it can also be stressful and a little overwhelming. So, finding a job through a recruitment agency may be the best option for you, especially if you’re beginning your job search whilst still in your home country.


You´ll find many multilingual recruitment agencies in Barcelona that specialise in hiring internationals and who will help kick-start your career in Barcelona!


  • Recruitment agencies have expert market knowledge and their recruiters can expose you to a large network of clients who are hiring. You’ll also get put forward for positions that you wouldn’t otherwise have heard about.
  • When moving to a new country, it can be hard to figure out the local standards for your CV, salary, working hours etc.; a recruitment agency can help you with these things.
  • Many agencies will also advise you on how to arrange your work permit.
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