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August in Barcelona

What to do in August in Barcelona?

Only one month left to enjoy the hot summer days. Barcelona is THE city that allows us all to have the summer we have all always dreamed of; long days at the beach, celebrating local festivities, evening walks, picnics, movies outdoors and lots of time spent with friends drinking the nicest wine and eating the most exquisite tapas. 

Activities and events in August in Barcelona

Bank holidays

Assumption of Mary

The celebration of the assumption of Mary takes place from the 11th until the 15th of August. Throughout the city, you will find parades, fairs, parties, costume contests, and other family events. The holiday celebrates Mary and the reunion of her body with her soul in heaven. It is thought that Mary’s body did not decay but immediately reunited with her soul. It has been widely celebrated around Spain, since the 1700s.

Festa Major de Gràcia

Gràcia’s festa major is regarded as the ultimate representation of the neighborhood’s identity. The festival consists of a number of events that bring together traditional and popular culture. A portion of the celebration is organized by residents’ groups, each of which is in charge of a particular street or plaza. Due to the involvement of the people of Gràcia, there are now a week’s worth of events taking place in every nook and cranny of the ancient town.

Festivities in August in Barcelona

Circuit Festival

August in Barcelona is the month of celebrating love. At the Circuit Festival, the whole city comes together to celebrate pride, love and individuality.

Festa Major de Sants

In Spain, there’s never not a celebration taking place. Festa Major de Sants takes place right after Festa Major de Gràcia. The celebration is similar to the one in Gràcia, with residents decorating the streets and organizing activities. Festa de Sants celebrates the feast of the patron of the district, San Bartolomé (August 24th). Activities include: bastoners, butifarradas, concerts, habanaras, workshops, dances and games.

San Miguel Mas I Mas Festival

If you’re a fan of jazz, soul, funk, blues, flamenco, Afrobeat, or Afro-Cuban music then Mas I Mas festival is the place for you. This festival originates from a small bar called the Mas I Mas bar. It became an important spot to hang out in Sarria Sant Gervasi with its regular visitors that ranged from DJs and designers to journalists and club managers. From there the company grew and opened up a cafe-restaurant, several nightclubs, and now a festival. This festival embodies the importance of live music and the history of all of these different genres. This year the festival goes from July 27 to September 3rd.

Sport Events in August in Barcelona

Trofeu Joan Gamper

Before the start of Barcelona’s La Liga season, in August, top level clubs from throughout Europe play in an exhibition game known as the Trofeu Joan Gamper or Joan Gamper Cup. In honor of Joan Gamper, a founding member, player, and subsequently president of the club. 

La Vuelta

Each year, a series of cycling races is hosted in Spain called La Vuelta. This year, the race kicks off with Catalonia hosting the first four stages. 


The first stage starts off in Barcelona on August 26th. Racers will race 14 kilometres through Port Olímpic. Next for stage two, cyclists will race through Mataró, Sabadell, Manresa, and  Molins de Rei to finish in Barcelona. Stage three is a bit more mountainous starting in Súria, going through the steep uphill peak of the Pyrenees Mountains to finish in Andorra. And finally, for stage four, cyclists embark on a downhill sprint portion of the race going from Andorra to Tarragona. 

Other activities in August in Barcelona

Movie outdoors

If you haven’t been to a movie outdoors yet, then you are missing out! Invite some friends, take some drinks and enjoy a movie classic in a mesmerizing location, such as the beach, rooftops of hotels and the Castle at Montjuïc.

Pool day at Montjuïc

Since August is Barcelona’s warmest month of the year, it is the perfect time to spend days by the pool. Many Spanish families and friend groups go to the Piscines Municipals Montjuïc to cool off. You can buy tickets at the entrance of the pool.

Beach Days

During the hot months of August in Barcelona, there is only one place to be.  Barcelona is home to some of the best beaches in Europe. Whether you decide to take a short road trip to Sitges or Costa Brava or stay right in the city to spend the day at Barceloneta, you will find beautiful beaches all across the coast of Catalonia. 

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