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Banking = financial services

Career = companies hiring, job boards & recruitment agencies etc.

Country specific = country related restaurants, supermarkets, business clubs etc.

Children = childcare, international schools etc.

Education = business schools and universities

Healthcare = doctor, dentist etc.

Housing = real estate websites, real estate agencies, home utilities etc.

Lifestyle = catering & food delivery, hair & beauty, social networking groups etc. 

Paperwork = insurances, relocation services etc.

Services for entrepreneurs = co-working and office spaces, social networks etc.

Once you've successfully registered your company on our website, you can then include a description, relevant links, photos and videos to all of your listings and company profile. The more complete your profile is the higher you will rank in Barcelona Expat Life’s search results, making it easier for expats to find you. Listings on our website can include: company profile listings, job listings, accommodation listings and event listings.

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You can update your company profile whenever you want, including the company logo, photos, videos and links. .

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