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24 Facebook groups for expats in Barcelona

Facebook tips for Expats in Barcelona

It’s natural for expatriates to gravitate towards each other through social media like Facebook. We created a list of 24 useful Facebook groups for expats in Barcelona. Joining these networks prove to be a valuable resource. Some of the groups are more nationality related and some of them focus on leisure activities and personal interests. 



Our top tip is to join as many Facebook groups as you can. Every day there will be people posting events going on in the city, asking for tips/advice, striking up random conversations or simply looking for new people to hang out with. The possibilities to find friends abroad through Social Media are endless. If you’re struggling to find inspiration for groups to search, try searching for your native language (e.g. ‘Nederlanders in Barcelona’), general expats groups (e.g. ‘Barcelona Expats – International BCN’ & ‘Girls in Barcelona’) or groups for people who share the same hobby as you.



Some of these Facebook groups also have Whatsapp groups, which you might find to be a more convenient way of chatting with fellow expats and arranging meet-ups. 


Facebook groups

Living in Barcelona

New in Barcelona

Women in Barcelona


Free activities

Going out



Work in Barcelona



People tend to follow others on Instagram and social media who they can really relate to. The best way to find new friends on Instagram is to search hashtags for Barcelona that are related to areas of interest, or things relevant to your work/hobbies. Some other tips for meeting friends on Instagram are: Be interactive, follow what they do, give their photo a like and a comment. Send them a private message to connect, but keep it light and friendly.

The reality is, you’re following these people as you have a passion and interest in the same thing whether it’s travel, photography, food or fashion so why not reach out and see if they would be interested in going for a coffee/drink to get to know each other better.

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