LGBTI Pride in Barcelona

Every year in June, the LGBTI community celebrates across the globe. Pride in Catalonia is arguably one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year.

Vintage shopping in Barcelona

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Best books set in Barcelona

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Expat stories

Read the stories of fellow expats, gain invaluable tips and insight into life in Barcelona on our website. Help others by sharing your story too!

working in barcelona

Internships in Barcelona

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Working in Barcelona

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How to avoid apartment scams

Unfortunately expats can be the main target for scammers in Barcelona. Our latest article can help you to recognise and avoid apartment scams.

Students & Interns

Top Business Schools in Barcelona

Barcelona hosts more than 10 international business schools where you can study a Master’s degree. For more information on universities in Barcelona, click here!

Studying in Barcelona

Barcelona is by far one of the greatest destinations in Europe for foreign students and is full of many exciting prospects and opportunities. As the