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Obtaining a NIE in Barcelona

What is a NIE number and how can I get one? Our guide for expatriates can tell you what you need to know and how to obtain your NIE in Barcelona.


How to obtain a Golden Visa in Spain

Spain offers many attractions. But, since 2013, an even better possibility has been offered, which it allows you to enjoy the country and all of the other countries in the Schengen area: the Spanish Golden Visa.


Skiing in Catalonia

If you are looking for an affordable skiing holiday then look no further. The Catalonia region has countless ski resorts that are currently in season.


Free museum days in Barcelona

Discover the art, culture and history of Barcelona at one of its many museums. Take advantage of the free museum days on offer. Read our blog to find out more.


6 hacks for students in Barcelona

It’s easy to save money with these student discounts in Barcelona. Find cheap ways to travel to the airport, ride around the city, or experience Spanish culture at museums, restaurants, bars, gyms, and more.


Things to do: February in Barcelona

February is a quieter tourist month in Barcelona, making it a fine time for visiting the city’s top sights and enjoying the local Carnival celebrations.